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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Two types of investing

There are two types of investing, according to the departing partner of hugely successful and secretive hedge fund Baupost Group: "needle in a haystack investing" and "tide comes in and tide goes out investing."

One type takes rigorous work as you search for a small number of opportunities. The other, "chutzpah."

As a fisherman, Uncle8888 has the necessary patience for this type of investing -  "tide comes in and tide goes out investing."

Less Analyzing. More Investing - CW8888

Many financial and investment bloggers love  "needle in a haystack investing

More analyzing. Less Investing (i.e. less turnovers will mean more right analysis)

Read? A letter gives a rare glimpse into one of the world's most secretive — and most successful — hedge funds


  1. Instead of trying to find the needle in a needle-stack (that's what it actually comes down to) I prefer to buy entire needle-stacks via broad-based, low-cost ETFs from different geographic regions.

  2. Another example which telco to invest?

    Using Less analyzing. More investing, are people in Singapore and coming to Singapore will still using communication services. If yes; they will have to use one or more telco service in Singapore so we invest all three telcos - M1, SH, STEL. :-)

  3. Hi CW,

    I agree with you. Things or even life is very simple actually. Most of the time, we love to complicate it to prove that we are complex. Being complex, is unique and charismatic! Being simple and yet successful needs time, patience on top of the handwork n knowledge that both schools of thoughts need.

    I prefer to know both knowledge and apply the right one when necessary. When I just started my blog, I did more needle in haystack investing, first to strengthen my foundation and second to get expose to as many stocks as possible. Now that the foundation is sort of built, I focus more on the alternative school of thought.

    I just finished writing an article on “Top Down” approach.


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