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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Rebalancing Our Lifetime Of Experiences Among Home, Work, Life and Spiritual???

When we are alive, breathing normally, and still healthy and strong; what did we do to our life most of the time?

Probably, we are juggling each day to re-balance our life experience among home, work, life and spiritual experiences. More of this and than less of that!

Auntie8888 has spend the past 20 years of her life dealing mostly with home experience and she then realized that she has enough and decided to re-claim back her work experience. She is also looking forward to enhance her life experience e.g. more leisure traveling in both local and overseas.

Same here. Uncle8888 will have more than 39 years of work experience when he plans to retire in Sep 2016. He is looking forward to re-claim back his time freedom to focus more on personal wellness, personal investment and to enhance his life experiences. 

It is about time that he makes full use of whatever time left for himself rather than meeting his bosses and corporate KPIs and business goals. 

He will be making his life simpler by taking back the control of his time; but he will be earning much less! 

Likely to be a simpler life but definitely much less monetary return! 

Life is fair. We will reap what we sow. No free lunch!



  1. Hi CW

    Excited for you. Having worked close to 4 decades, I hope you can transit your full time job to full time no job successfully. Good Health.

    1. Hope to do well on personal wellness and travel locally around Singapore. I plan to walk around the coast of Singapore. It will take months to complete this Round Island walking trial. :-)

  2. CW8888 : Maybe can start with the walk at Coney Island? hahaha...

    1. Wow! You are reading my mind.

      I will begin from Punggol Jetty as Start Point and take the West route towards Punggol Marina and round trip back Coney Island as End Point.

    2. I have been fishing on the East of Punggol Jetty for too many years and too familiar so it is better to take the West route as starting point. :-)


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