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Sunday, 15 November 2015

My last life insurance policy maturing on Mar 2016 and no more for me! (2)

Read? My last life insurance policy maturing on Mar 2016 and no more for me!

Read?  Health insurance & Cancer

 "We have bought insurances coverage on good faiths but don't ever expect the insurance companies to pay our claims on good faith as they are not our father or mother who helps to pour milk into our mouth as they exist to make money for their Management and their shareholders." - Createwealth8888

For past medical treatment for his family and himself, it is all done by government hospitals and polyclinics; so far so good. Waiting is part and parcel of life. What so wrong with it?

We may heard a few cases of horror of seeking medical treatment; but many more cases of satisfactory medical treatment at public hospitals were not told or mentioned. We can't sell these stories to attract attention!

For those who haven't taste the real waiting, go overseas traveling. 

Once we missed that train or bus schedule, the next one can be few hours later or even the next day. This is patience!



  1. We always think the grass is greener on the side and never stop whinning.
    Not really wrong, unfortunately that's being human.

    But really, be glad of what we have now; it's not really that bad.

  2. I had a hospital experience in Norway. Visited the clinic alone and was painful like hell and ask for injection. The doctor say oh dear he can't give me an injection. Help me to call a cab to send me to hospital. When reach hospital, painful like hell and cannot even walk n shouting and, nobody really care! Then they put me in a isolation room worrying about the chinese bird flu. I continue to be painful for hours before the doctor come in...

    1. Walau! 1st world country medical SOP?

      What is the cause of your severe pain and remedy?

  3. i suspect part of the reasons you are of different colour & tribe & country.
    Did they treated their own like you like that too?
    i suppose you were too much in pain to notice any other things.
    Or perhaps 1st world country, third world practices for stranger and their own ordinary folks in Public Services?


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