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Saturday, 23 March 2013

What is the Real Opportunity Cost of waiting for the next Great Robinson Sales in SGX???

Why wait for Great Robinson Sales in SGX?

When you can count money on quarterly basis


What is the Opportunity Cost of waiting for GRS?

Giving an example:

Why Uncle8888 still think it is worth waiting for the next GRS in SGX?

Will history repeat itself?

His Top three holding in his Portfolio ...


You may like to call it LUCK!!!


Of course, it is LUCK!

But, we can only get lucky until we attempt it!

It is same like ...

No buy ToTo???

How to strike ....




  1. Indeed it pays to invest the Right Stock for long term for capital gain. The critical success factor is enter when it on Fire sales.

    btw... instead of great Robinson sales, why not Great Singapore Sales?

  2. Why Great Robinson Sales?

    I used to work in Orchard area.

    Some time, eng eng after lunch, went to Robinson walk walk, see see and note down the price tag.

    So I really knew what items on sales were real!

    1. haha... you defination on GRS and GSS (Investing Make Simple 2)..

      Do you love Great Singapore Sales? When STI downs -40%, it is good time for happy shoppers. Wow, so many things to buy on cheap hor.

      Do you love Singapore Closing Down Sales? When STI downs -50%, everything must go. Desperate selling!

  3. Hey!

    I was working at Robinsons from the late 80s to early 90s after NS. I may have even served you before ;)

    I worked at the Looking Glass dept. We sell Swaroski crystals and Lladro figurines and other gift items.

    To me, Robinsons is Centrepoint (I never accepted Raffles Place; it's not the same). Once Robinsons move out of Centrepoint, a part of my past will become a memory - like so many other landmarks of my youth.

    I guess we need to move on... Progress they say...

  4. you should talk more about your methodology in sticking to sembcorp ind or keppel so that you can help readers make the same decisions again and again.


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