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Friday, 11 June 2021

COVID-19 vaccination: Why some seniors are holding back, and how a little nudge can help

Read? COVID-19 vaccination: Why some seniors are holding back, and how a little nudge can help

Uncle8888 is one of them! 

1st dose Pfizer on last Tuesday!

Mild sore feeling at injection area and slight pain when lifting arm up and no other discomfort! 

Day 3 back to normal!

Older people less side effect? Weaker immune system and not fighting hard ah?

Auntie8888 went today!

We practice risk management as we can't afford to have two sick persons down with pains at the same time! LOL!


  1. Smart Move.

    We can understand why like that one for U.

    In fact more 4ks should go for SINOVAC - old vaccination technnology?

  2. Hi Uncle8888,

    I had to psycho my parents to go for their Pfizer jabs in March.

    They went. And also followed your tactic. Dad went first. Mum followed week after.

    PS: Alamak, from your description of post-jab symptom, sounds like I also got old man immune system! 🤣


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