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Tuesday 10 December 2019

Next Trip 8 Nights In Jeju In Mar 2020

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If you're looking for an eco-friendly vacation spot where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while walking on a well-maintained trail to stay fit, there's no better place to go than Jeju Island. In the local dialect, "olle" originally referred to the narrow path between the street and one's doorstep. Jeju Olle-gil, a series of walking trails that stretchs around the entire coast of the island, is one of the many attractions and activities that Jeju has to offer. The trails pass through various landscapes along the way, including small villages, beaches, farms and forests. Each route offers a unique opportunity to soak in the beauty of Jeju and the island's culture.

There is currently a total of 26 routes, consisting of 21 main routes and five sub-routes. Each course differs in length and difficulty, allowing visitors to choose the appropriate course that meets each individual’s level. The shortest route takes approximately one hour and the longest up to eight hours to complete. As each course is equipped with directions and guiding posts along the way, even first-time visitors will be able follow the trail conveniently. Visitors can get more information about Jeju Olle-gil Trail by visiting the official website.

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Jeju is 2.6 times of Singapore

Uncle8888 plans to walk Route 1, 6, 7 and 18; and if still have time will do Route 10 too. 

4 Hallasan Trails – Which one is best and how to get there?

There are four Hallasan trails on and around the mountain, but only two of these trails will take you all the way up to the volcano’s crater lip – the Gwaneumsa trail, and the Seongpanak trail:

Gwaneumsa Trail – 8.7km (one-way) and 8-10 hours return hike <– the BEST views!

Seongpanak Trail – 9.6km (one-way) and 7-9 hours return hike <– the EASIEST hike!

Eorimok Trail – 4.7km (one-way) and 2.5 hours return hike

Yeongsil Trail – 3.7km (one-way) and 2 hours return

After the last trip of steep walking up to  Aowanda (奧萬大) suspension bridge; Auntie8888 is quite weary of another steep walking up mountain hike. LOL!

So forget about best view!


  1. Anyone has gone for this Jeju Olle walking trail?

  2. CW,

    Have fun!

    I think you are the few Singaporeans who go overseas for walking trails ;)

    First of all, most go on package tours.

    Those of us who DIY, its usually food; shopping; or wine, women, and song :)

    I'm more of a city walker. Anyhow roam and explore. Getting lost is part of the fun!



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