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Friday, 27 December 2019

One Uncommon Act Of Kindness! (7)

Read? One Uncommon Act Of Kindness! (6)

This should be a rare incident happening at LRT station!

How to release someone trapped in LRT station???

Punggol Nibong LRT station which doesn't have a control room.

When Uncle8888 tapped out his card to exit LRT gantry gate; he did notice the man at the adjacent gantry gate encountered error when he tapped his wallet. This is common sight happening at any MRT/LRT gantry gate. Nothing unusual about it!

Uncle8888 went to location map board to locate the right staircase Exit leading to the HDB block that he was going to.  

But when he passed by the gantry gates again; he saw that same man who was looking stunned as he was trapped inside LRT and probably thinking how to exit since he couldn't tap out due to card error.

Uncle8888 approached him and thinking how to help him. There is no control room to reset card! How?

Hmm .. then Uncle8888 asked the man to come to the Entry gate and he tapped his card to open the gate and the man quickly walked out!

Uncle8888 is on monthly pass so no issue of fare reduction. Okay lah! LOL!

But, now Uncle8888 knew that his card would have issue to enter as the card was not tapped out.

Hmm .. need to tap out! 

So Uncle8888 from outside and stretched forward to tap his card on the Exit. Done!

All these actions certainly were captured on LRT station CCTV.  

Hopefully; he doesn't get called by Police for investigation! :-(

Good deed ended up with troublesome!


  1. Alternatively; take LRT train back to MRT control room to reset card.

  2. There shld be an intercom (with camera) near the gantry gates. Can comms with the mrt control stn. They will send a guy via the next lrt to help lol. Portable wireless card reader cum resetter?

    You can also reset using the top up machines in the lrt stn.

    1. Next time can try these methods to get out if happen again

    2. Guys,

      I think I'm spoilt by my stinct overseas - rules are "recommendations".

      I'll just wave my card at the camera, do my ultraman X with my arms to indicate card spoilt, and then climb over the gantry ;)


    3. That man may be truly law and rules obeying local citizen. :-)

      Jumping over gantry is fare evading offence. LoL!

    4. CW,

      I burst out laughing when I saw you wrote "man trapped in LRT" ;)

      Trapped in lift I believe.

      Trapped in LRT?

      That's like that elephant who believed he's "tied" to the pole in the ground - that's conditioning for you!

      Physical barriers are nothing compared to self-imposed barries of the mind...


    5. Saw the intercom at lrt gantry. It is labelled as Help Phone but it doesn't look like a phone with handset. LoL

  3. Hope to encounter more uncommon incidents or stories to share as I roam around the island

  4. When robots know how to create robots. Human will be killed


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