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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Way beyond Emergency Fund!

When we are no longer young; but old enough to be near retirement or semi-retirement phase.

We will face the two greatest financial fears in our life:

1. Inflation on our life expenses
2. Permanent Loss of Capital due to forced selling during market low to meet liquidity needs for life expenses

As retirees without the capability of injecting new capital, we must never lose our investing capital during market low. Once we locked in permanent loss of capital, it will become extremely difficult to recover without new capital.

That is why.

SMOL: It’s good to be young and feeling invincible! Treasure this moment. We are only young once ;)

Uncle8888 doesn't feel good but feel weak!

Nowadays, he looks way beyond emergency fund as he is kiasu and kiasi! A typical Singaporean Uncle. Bo Pian!

See Uncle8888's model of Way beyond Emergency Fund:


  1. CW,

    My EQ not bad hor (salesman what)?

    Putting my point across without saying I eat more salt than you eat rice - wa ka li kong ;)

    I not the disco type, but when young, can have late suppers and drink coffee until 2-3 am also no problem. Next day morning shift never late!

    Now sleep after 12 am... Next day become zombie. LOL!

    Last time hoot penny stocks with $5,000 I fearless. Ask me now play penny stocks with $50,000? Pass. I'll stick with boring stocks thank you very much!

  2. Minimum objective for tap 1 should be to ensure capital preservation.

    Tap 2 will cover the inflation worries.

  3. Create passive incomes - sell ebooks or rent out your HDB flats.

    One cannot afford to retire in Singapore based on savings, CPF and investment returns.

    1. Retire in Singapore based on savings, CPF and investment returns alone is not Mission Impossible.

      It can be done.

      No need to look elsewhere


  4. Total portfolio base on assets allocation is my belief. Depend on the current economic climate, what you think is the best for some of your assets to be in maybe different from me or him.


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