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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Being more Patience add stress to you???

Being more Patience add stress to you???

When you are getting more stress by watching the stock market up and down on each trading day; and if you are not into fishing. 

Try taking up Fishing as your new hobby. It costs less than $30 to get into this Boot Camp as fishermen. They are known to be patient men and women.

It is just waiting and watching the sea waves; there is really nothing much to do other than chatting with your fishing kakis or "talking" softly to yourself.

The Best Thing you learn in Fishing.
You absolutely learn that fish come to you. There is no way for you to force the fish to come to you.
Wait. It will come!
Sianz = Stress???
No right?


  1. CW,

    And that's one of my weaknesses - patience. (After reviewing my past trades and lots of reflections)

    When much younger, it's lots of fun jumping around in the longkang trying to catch the guppies, making big splashes of water. With the din and noise of youthful exuberance!

    Now I've discovered the pleasure of quiet waiting for bigger fishes. The Method I use is linked to the changing phases of my Mind.

    Using your Keppel as a example.

    If I want to buy, I would queue at $10.30 with a limit order.

    If I want to sell, I queue at $12.00.

    Once the orders are in, I go gai gai. Walk here, walk there.

    Not as if I have the Jedi power to will the market prices just by watching the screen all day?


  2. CW,

    I have no desire to take sabbatical from work so I can sit in front of the screen all day ;)

    Good, better, best mah!

    Big daddy says so. Wait others steal my lunch...



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