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Monday, 8 April 2013

Climbing your investing or corporate ladder? (2)

Just For Thinking ...

Read? Path to Financial Freedom for the Young ones???

Read? Talent and Investing??

Read? The Real World

Let be honest with ourselves and Get Real!

What else can we DIY for our retirement needs if active income from our job may not be large enough for us to reach there.

Can we afford to outsource our  responsibilities of managing our investment portfolio to third party at costs which over long run will definitely eat into our returns and basically learn LITTLE to upgrade our investing knowledge and skills?

Read? STI ETF. Passive??? Really??? No Free Lunch and Not Risk Free!!!

How strong is your belief in this model will determine your investment path that you will eventually take?

DIY as active retail investors


Outsource as small passive retail investors? (Key here is small)

We will reap what we sow in Life and that is the Universal Law!


  1. Passive investing via STI-ETF is a viable strategy for those who have little knowledge on investing. By investing in STI-ETF, one has mitigate the risk of investing to individual company and attain diversification as well.

    Investing STI-ETF is like invest into Market Cycle. Buy when the overall market is bearish and Sell when market bullish.

    Let say if one buy when overall market is low, i.e. ~1600 in Mar-Apr 2009 and hold it till now 3300, he/she would have gain >100% profit.

    As compare if someone keep his/her money in CPF, earning 2.5% per year compounding, the gain is ~10.5%.

    In addition to the potential capital gain, the STI-ETF also give out 2.5-3% dividend / year.

    IMO, passive investing via STI-ETF work!

    1. edit...
      Let say if one buy when overall market is low, i.e. ~1600 in Mar-Apr 2009 and hold it till now 3300(Apr2013), he/she would have gain >100% profit in 4 years!

    2. STI ETF is still behave like any other stock. We cannot afford to bo chap by not watching the market for market timing.

    3. Yes, we cannot afford to bo chap eventhough it is passive investing.

      One could use TA's Dead cross and Golden cross indicator for determine the over market trend.

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