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Friday, 26 April 2013

Buy and Hold??? How easy to do that with a winning stock? (2)

Just for Thinking - Investing

Read? Buy and Hold??? How easy to do that with a winning stock?

Foolish conclusion

In 1998, Buffett looked like a genius for buying Coke stock when he did. In 10 years, Coca-Cola had returned more than 1,000%. That strong initial performance makes Coca-Cola look like a good performer in Buffett's portfolio when considering the full 25-year holding period to date. Yet the stock has been a dud for the past 15 years, drastically under performing the S&P 500 and offering a total return of approximately 2% annually.

Read? Coke Stock: One of Warren Buffett's Biggest Investments Might Be His Worst

Great example of Doing it (practise) and Talking loud (theory)!

Famous wise words from Yogi ...

"In theory there is no difference between theory and practise. In practise there is."

Uncle8888's real life experience ...

Market cycles will make us feel like a fool at certain points in time.


Peak in 2007 = $13.73

Today market closing price of Kep Corp = $10.84

Total dividends collected from 2008 to 2012 = $2.53

Total worth = $10.84 + $2.53 = $13.37

Hmm .....



Got lose out a lot meh?


  1. Uncle

    I hold same same. Let me know when to release k :D

  2. Last night i attended a 2 1/2 hours talk on share investing and the lecturer likes "CRISIS INVESTING" method. But i think it's equivalent to mine B/B/B/.... investing for 25 years already. So mine is Buy/Hold/SELL and repeat the same for your lifetime. It is really very slow but at least i can survive until today.
    Of course on the way i am lost sometimes. Because nobody (i think only) can stick to what they choose to do and supposed to do all the time. Somehow i had itchy fingers or worse itchy backsides. Then i lost a tidy sum of money which was "gifted" from the Mr. Market. Please don't, don't treasure the money just because it was Mr. Market's gift.


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