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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Why self-directed learning in investing can be much tougher than we think? (2)

Read? Why self-directed learning in investing can be much tougher than we think?

When it is a job, most employees will have their KPIs set by their bosses. They will have at least one or two job performance appraisal with their bosses to review their KPIs. The outcome of that performance review will determine the employees' year-end bonus, pay increment, and even promotion prospect. At the same time, new or more KPIs and development plan may be set for the next 1 or 2 years for the employees to achieve.

I treat my stock investing as my second job. I seriously and diligently track, measure, and visualise my investing performance and  do whatever it is necessary to meet my year-end investing goals.  The only difference in this second job is that I don't have a boss to set my KPIs and don't have a boss to do performance review and appraisal. It is self-directed performance review and appraisal against my investing KPIs. The stock market will become the real boss to pay my year-end performance bonus and will also determine how far I can climb the investment ladder.

Unlike my first job the performance review is strictly private and confidential; the second job performance reviews are posted in the cyber world for all to see and comment.

BTW, if you feel that you have not been progressing well in your investment journey; may be you have not been treating stock investing as your second job.

Are there any investing KPIs set?

Or you have seriously mistaken tracking and monitoring as performance measuring and continuous job improvement?

Have you seriously conduct self-directed performance review and appraisal?

Do you have any investment development plan to climb the investment ladder?

1 comment:

  1. CW8888,


    Not only in investing. I find many in work life also mistake tracking and monitoring (looking busy) as doing a good job.

    When doing performance evaluations, I only care about 2 things - how much you have SAVED or EARNED for the company. Everything else is bullshit.


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