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Sunday, 15 April 2012

What was I thinking and feeling in Mar 2009 Bear market low? (2)

Read? What was I thinking and feeling in Mar 2009 Bear market low?

Were you among those waiting for STI 1,200 at Mar 2009 with plenty of cash for opportunity?

No one can know where is the market low including your favourite and world-renowned Gurus whom you follow God-like in every word that comes out from their mouth.

There are two types of Gurus in the market:

  1. They made money by conducting courses, seminars, workshops, talks, discussions in their forums and writing newsletters. They will give plenty of views on the market. When they are right; they will boast until they drop their pants. When they are wrong, hardly anyone will still remember what they have said.
  2. They are BBs in the market eating up our lunches and dinners by talking up or down the market after they may taken up large positions by becoming Talking Heads!!!
Createwealth8888 till today can still remember clearly when two very experienced cyber investing kakis in the stock market who believed in their favourite and trusted Guru's view in Mar 2009 were congratulating themselves for staying very cash rich in Mar 2009. One was 90% cash and the other 100% cash!!!

The moral of the story

Your most trusted Guru in the world cannot predict all future market low!!!

What is opportunity when he will never ring our door bell like Mr. Postman and telling us that he is at our door-step now?


  1. Yes, Uncle 8888 you are very sharp.
    These GURUs can make multi millions by conducting seminars and lectures.
    Those with high financial IQ will see through their ploy.
    "Smarter" gurus will now tell you they cannot be right all the time....sounds familiar? They just want more students and disciples all the time..that is actually where their money is made.
    "smarter" gurus will want to teach you how to take short cuts because they have made expensive mistakes previously....so their students and disciples now actually are paying to learn how to avoid these mistakes and pay their GURU for making those mistakes.

  2. Hi financialray,

    "so their students and disciples now actually are paying to learn how to avoid these mistakes and pay their GURU for making those mistakes."

    The above is an excellent comment from you!

    Ya. I have lost countless of set lunches from Aug 08 - Nov 08.

    Anybody buying me set lunch in order to avoid losing your own set lunch in the next bear? LOL!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thanks for the article. Seminars and workshops are good for people to pick up the necessary skills and not to be reliant on the gurus. After the seminars, the students must start to learn more on themselves in order to create a strategy that suits their lifestyle. The most important part of investing (which is psychology) can never be taught in seminars. It is only through live experience that one can achieve a stronger psychology in investing. One needs to be persistent and have a "never give up" attitude.


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