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Monday, 2 April 2012

Endowment products gaining in popularity

Savers, tired of low interest rates, are buying them for their higher returns


(SINGAPORE) Sales of endowment products sold through banks have surged as more savers, despairing of low interest rates, buy them for their higher returns.

Read? Insurance - Enhanced Endowment Policy Suck! (3)

Are buyers told that such product will take at least 16-18 years to JUST break even?

Really long long term investment!!!

1 comment:

  1. Jiang Ah Gong went to fish.
    The willing take the bait.

    I've talked to someone who is not investing (haven't discovered the joy of dividends and equity gains(if any)).

    Reasons given :-
    1) It's a form of forced savings for them.
    2) They won't lose much (inflation means nothing to them).
    3) Got medical coverage.

    Tell them buy term and H&S and invest the rest. She say ..Dare not. No discipline. Will lose.

    So moral of story is .. what we think is the best way might not be perceived as such.

    Like some will tell you to buy equities only. No properties. Some say do balance of bonds,equities. Some tell you GOLD only.

    Nowadays, I just understand it is precisely the diversity in thoughts that we have a market place even in the equities areana. And any one time, there will always be a bull and bear.


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