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Since 2017 after retiring from full-time job as employee; I am moving towards Investing Nirvana - Freehold Investment Income for Life investing strategy where 100% of investment income from portfolio investment is cashed out to support household expenses i.e. not a single cent of re-investing!

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Saturday 21 January 2012

XIRR/CAGR: Investor's true performance indicator! (6)

Read? XIRR/CAGR: Investor's true performance indicator! (5)

Uncle8888, how to back track my investing capital and investible cash to compute XIRR since investing?

If you have all your stock transaction records and dividends statement, you can back track your capital and work out your current investible cash and then proceed to compute your XIRR.

One reader, OT has done it with the assistance from Uncle8888. He can now measure and visualize his portfolio XIRR and can fine-tune his investing strategies to meet his long-term investing goals.

If you like to have the sample file to compute your XIRR since day one of your investing, email me. LOL!


  1. Hi CW8888,
    i use the discontinue "Microsoft Money" software to tract my stock portfolio since day one (23+ years ago till now). i am not sure how accurate this software is. i suppose it also depends on how i use my data with this software. But it does captured my every buy, sell, dividend, right issue, split, etc.
    This software auto-calculate for me many "things". But i am not sure about the accuracy.

    Invite all fellow readers/bloggers what do think of this software? If you happen to use this software, can you share your experience.
    What is the main reason this software discontinue by "Micro-Soft"?

  2. Gong xi fa cai! Temerament.

    Somehow, I didn't use it.

  3. hi temperament i thought or recommending that software but i think i download first run through it and tell u the pros and cons

    1. Hi Drizzt,
      Many thanks to people like you who has extra "CPU's Power and willing to use it to benefit people like us with limited "CPU Power". Thanks for your kindness of willing to share, "FOC".
      i am waiting eagerly for your verdict on this software.
      Shalom & Cheers!

  4. Hi Temperament, i am using this software to track my daily expenses as well as my stock transcation. I have been using it since 2002. I am very comfortable using it.


    1. Hi Sahm,
      i also use it to track my Assets & Liabilities-No problem.
      But 23+ years of annualized stock market's return, auto-calculated by the software, makes me creep. And many more other auto calculations. Some i have managed to checked and the data seems correct. i think it's also how you manage your data input when using this software. i mean you can't escape the garbage in garbage out syndrome no matter which software you use. Let's wait for Dritzz,s verdict.

  5. i see have so many MS money version?

    which one is good?


    1. i think of course the later the version the better. i have been upgrading throughout until the 2005/2006 version. But be careful not all versions are compatible with each other. If you have not used any before, i think the latest version is the best. Presume the later the more bugs are get rid off. Not that i have spotted some though. This software really suits people like me "BOH TAK CHET TYPE" Ha! Ha! you should be happy playing with the software

    2. Free Personal Finance Software (for 2 accounts)

      AceMoney Lite, home budget, free personal financial software, is the best Microsoft Money or Quicken alternative. It makes managing multiple accounts a breeze. You can manage your budgets, track multi-currency finances, analyze your spending habits, make transfers between accounts, and do on-line banking. You can start instantly without any prior accounting experience


  6. GnuCash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL and available for GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

    Feature Highlights

    Double-Entry Accounting
    Stock/Bond/Mutual Fund Accounts
    Small-Business Accounting
    Reports, Graphs
    QIF/OFX/HBCI Import, Transaction Matching
    Scheduled Transactions
    Financial Calculations



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