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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Happiness within? (2)

Read? Happiness within?

Money not enough

When money is not enough, it is hard to achieve happiness so people care and spend their time and effort in their investment to get better yield for their money. But, how many people are investing time and effort on their body to get the better yield out of their own body.

Health not enough

Some common illness can be prevented by investing lots of time and effort in yielding our body. e.g minimum 150 hr??? of long exercise per week.

Once we lose my health due to our own fault (not due to genetic element), no amount of money in our bank account can bring us back again. We can't be happy on long-term medication. Right?

Read? A new risk marker for heart diseases

Don't just think money not enough; but also think exercise not enough. How?

Wear running shoes and start this weekend!


  1. uncle run 150hrs per week? How do you allocate time for it?

  2. OT, you have very healthy mind and you know the answer. Right? he he

  3. Shld it be 150 mins per week?

  4. Just bought a pair of Nike jogging shoes.
    My last pair was bought in e Mart SAF during last reservist training, using SAF eMart allowance ie FOC. Alas, worn out after weekly jogging.
    150 min per week include brisk walk to MRT/bus stop/up escalators/car washing

  5. 150 hr a week broken down is 21 hrs a day? I don't think Tao Li trains this hard, even for money ;)

  6. LOL qian bei!

    I like the way you put a "twist" to the usually accepted maxim of minimum 2.5 hours of exercise per week (rounded off).

    Besides healthy body, we need healthy mind too! We are all so trained to see things in a certain way...

    Tip to solving CW's puzzle: see things upside down for a change :)

  7. it is always mind over body, never body over mind.

    if we overly concern over our body, it will corupt our mind and concequanly affact our body.

    it is our mind need to be healthy, not our body.

  8. SMOL,

    You got it! LOL

    Have you started your brisk walking?

  9. Yes CW8888!

    Since July this year, I've started to walk 60 minutes to work and 90 minutes back after work. It's morning downhill and evening uphill thing.

    Must start training myself so I can take long walks during my travels.


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