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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cash is King. It is back!

Just For Thinking ....

We have been seeing some people have already cut their losses or cut short their profits to stay cash in hand. They believe that in the current market condition. Cash is King. It is back in fashion.

We have to fully understand that Cash is King only when we can get back into the market to scoop up enough quantity of under valued stocks when market has fallen beyond recognition. But, seriously do we have the ability to recognize that market has fallen beyond recognition. I admit that I can't so I choose not to cut losses to lock in negative returns in my portfolio.

We will never recover from locked in negative returns in our portfolio by holding cash in hand. This cash must be invested back into enough under valued stocks for recovery. It is only when we have succeeded in getting into enough under valued stocks near market low; then only Cash is King.


  1. Well, if we have no more firing power $$$, we can hedge. How about holding 5 lots instead of 8 or 10 lots?
    On the other hand, if you have reserve firing power, you are actually hedged already.
    That's why we always must keep some reserve ammunition for the next war. We all should know the next war can come upon us very suddenly. And also we must be prepared for war after war, after war...........

  2. Uncle.... I am still sitting tight... may need super glue to glue me to seat.....

  3. hi temperament i disagree. i like to use all my firing power in a war. be it a strong or weak enemy. same for trading and investing.

    i make sure i win this present war before i think of the next war.

  4. so i agree with CW, but cash is also king in the present market condition if you are a trader. in fact you would have more cash than you have if you can go short, so long as you have a sure way of getting back into your long position when market recover.

  5. i suspect there is alot of experience investors gonna missed the boat again.

  6. Hi coconut,
    The best way to win a war is not a single bullet is fired and the enemy agrees to defect to your side.(Maybe DBS take over OCBC as rumoured and you own OCBC shares).

    The next is total annihilation of enemy by nuclear weapons. But then the conquered prize may be worthless already.(Average down until company was suspended-like some S-Chips.

  7. haha temperament, cash is not the only amilition you use in trading. stocks and commodities are also your weapon.

    in a bear market, if you don't own stock, you can borrow from others to sell short. same principle for futures market.

    so if the current market is still going down, i'll stay short until the market turn, that will be another battle ground.


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