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Monday, 29 November 2010

Work Less and Gone Fishing Planning Room (3)

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More ideas from the book: "What Color Is Your Parachute? For Retirement."

Three Levels Of Retirement Happiness

  1. Pleasure - Level 1
  2. Engagement - Level 2
  3. Meaning - Level 3

Level 1 - Pleasure

It's usually based on your interests in the world outside of work. It's the same kind of stuff that you pursue whenever you have free time: hobbies, entertainment, spectator events, travel, socializing. these things are enjoyable partly just because they're work. And they are enjoyable partly because there's something about the subject or pastime that you find interesting.

During your working life, these low-involvement activities bring a welcome counterbalance to your work. In retirement, though, these activities are no longer counterbalancing work and they may not have enough weight to stand on their own. They may not be rich enough to bring the amount of happiness that you expect from them. They were up to the task of filling your all-too-short weekends and a week or two of vacation. And it helps if you can choose from a wide range of pleasureable activities that you've already lined up and experienced. But they may not be up to the task of filling weeks and months and years and decades of retirement.

Createwealth8888 thinks aloud

I think it is far better to find a hobby that you can still DIY without the help or need of a partner to derive that little pleasure.  My goodness! What are you thinking? Masturbating? LOL.

No lah. I am talking about fishing.

Fishing is not just pleasure and it is also a source of FRESH food supply especially when I love to eat seafood. When I go fishing, I don't just limit to fish. There are blur sotongs for me to jig. Crabs for me to trap and may even hook up sea mantis.

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To be continue ....


  1. HI CW8888,

    There are many DIY activities which are not only pleasurable and beneficial.
    For some may be meditation; Reading a good inspirational book; And even house cleaning.

    You know some women loves house cleaning because
    they claim it has therapeutical effect.
    They claim it is something like a habitual ritual that brings calmness, relaxation and even happiness?
    I guess it can be therapeutical because they are in total "control of the situation".

    Can you share a bit more about your DIY fishing.
    Can it benefits you therapeutically?

  2. Actually, fishing does the opposite - "fishermen realize that they have no control over the fish, tide and the weather."

    They have to learn to be patient, be happy and be satisfied with whatever the under the sea can give away or even nothing to take away for that fishing trip.

    They also will learn to live and accept "losses" - losing sinkers, hooked big fish, lines and even breaking expensive fishing rods.

    They just do whatever they can and hope for the best.

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  3. Hi CW8888,

    You seems to describe fishing just like investing in the stock market?
    Well I have learn something.

    But I am sure you enjoy the sea, the sky, the sea breeze, the quietness of all alone yet you feel at peace with nature, etc....
    If not, maybe you would have DIY Yoga & Meditation or something else.


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