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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Work Less and Gone Fishing Planning Room (4)

Read? Work Less and Gone Fishing Planning Room (3)

More ideas from the book: "What Color Is Your Parachute? For Retirement."

Three Levels Of Retirement Happiness

  1. Pleasure - Level 1
  2. Engagement - Level 2
  3. Meaning - Level 3
Engagement - Level 2

This level introduces a new element: challenge. But why would you want challenge in your retirement?

Here 's what Csikszentmihalyi's research discovered. When the challenges in your life are to far above your level of skill, they create anxiety. You've probably had a job like that at one time or another. But when the challenges in your life are too far below level of skill, they create  boredom. You probably wouldn't want a retirement like that. Perhaps you'd like more of a middle ground. That's what engaged retirement is about.

The secret is regularly finding interesting challenges that are a good match for your favourite skills and strengths. When you find these interesting challenges and become actively involved in them, you get a sense of accomplishment from doing them well.

Createwealth8888 thinks aloud

Exploring, gambling, trading or investing in the stock market may have presented interesting challenges to many retirees; otherwise where can we find such activities where there are so many retirees are participating them.  Don't believe me? Just go to any AGM, you will see many retirees there.

Probably, another reason is that retirees may think that trading or investing is another form of continuous "working" but at leisure pace to earn some retirement income as they generally will have much smaller profit target and once they hit it they may feel a sense of accomplishment.

So will trading in the stock market becomes my version of engaged retirement?

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