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Saturday, 14 December 2019

How Relevant Is Our Advice To Someone Whom We Don't Know Them Well Enough?

So far, Uncle8888 has received five good/kind intention of advice/suggestions to get a proper job with CPF and medical benefits. 

Two out of the five advice/suggestions is to go for fully subsidized course to get certification since Uncle8888 is still eligible for these subsidies.

As response to their advice/suggestion Uncle8888 showed them ..

The moral of story ...

Don't anyhow suggest/give advice without knowing someone more in depth; and especially true for investment blogger like Uncle8888!


  1. Time means money, money means time to most people.

    Still need to sell your time?

    Money is never yours until U spend it.

    Time is always yours until U use it one way or another or just idle it.

    Money can be unlimited, our time is actually very, very short on Earth.

    See i am going to be 72 already after blogging here for more than 5 years i think.

    "It too shall pass"

    It comes from a Yiddish tale about King Soloman.

    King Soloman wanted to teach Benaiah a lesson in humility. He told Benaiah “I have heard rumors of a fabulous ring that has a unique power. When a sad man gazes upon it, he becomes happy, but when a happy man gazes upon it, he becomes sad. Find this ring and bring it to me.”

    Benaiah set out in search of the ring, but no one had ever heard of such a ring. He was about to give up when he spotted a junk shop. Benaiah approached the owner and described the object of his search.

    “A ring that cheers the sad and saddens the cheerful?” said the junk dealer. “Come inside.”

    They entered the shop. From a boxful of baubles the junk dealer took a plain, silver ring. He engraved some words on it and gave it to Benaiah. Benaiah read the inscription, nodded sagely, and headed back to the palace.

    King Solomon was expecting an unsuccessful and humbled Benaiah. So when Benaiah strode in and handed him the ring, the king was taken aback. Inspecting it, he read the inscription and laughed, “It was I who needed a lesson in humility,” he said. “This ring has reminded me that wealth and power are fleeting things.” King Solomon removed his costly rings and slipped on the ring from the junk shop.

    The Yiddish phrase on engraved on the ring:

    GAM ZU YAAVOR (“This too shall pass

    i stop working for money at the age of 52, have i regretted about it?

    And other ways to make more money but i din't take it.

    Have i regretted about it too?

    Don't think so because when i think about it even now,sometimes, somethings are more precious than having more money.


    1. I suspect the thinking behind these advice probably due to time-value. Spending time watch TV or video, playing game can be highly time-value too.

      The value of time, either we measure it monetary or less monetary term.

  2. More precious than money?

    How about enjoying privacy of your home rather than in exchange for rental money?

    Even when we were unable to afford restaurant food then.

    We always have a spare room or two to rent out since day one.

    Even now.

    But we treasure privacy of our home more than "extra money" all along.

    We are not that spendthrift.

    1. Quote : How about enjoying privacy of your home rather than in exchange for rental money?

      Read? Rent out your spare rooms for passive income???


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