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Friday, 11 October 2013

Kep Corp: How now?

Only for those who appreciates simple Art!


  1. A big whale in the ocean would still be affected by sudden ginormous tsunami. Same for a bad looking chart, one can expect its share price improve like a piece of art once everyone starts moving in the same direction ---> up! A fundamentally strong company i.e. Keppel will outshine everyone else in the long run. Chart movement are noises which l usually "ignore".

    1. Some of us are so sianz.

      Everyday, no reported news of sudden ginormous tsunami.

      We need to catch these big whales to huat.

  2. CW,

    Let me have a bit of fun with your "art" by pretending to be a charting analyst:

    Keppel has the potential to breakout of its downward sloping channel of lower highs and lower lows from Mar to Sept.

    If we able to clear the $10.90 resistance with conviction (higher volumes), there is potential to hit our final price target of $12.00.

    First price resistance at $11.20. Second price resistance at $11.50.

    This bullish scenario is negated if Keppel fails to clear the $10.90 resistance, indicating Keppel is still trapped in the narrow range trading band of between $10.30 to $10.90.

    Short term traders may short Keppel on the failed breakout at $10.80 entry with price target at $10.30 and stop loss at $11.

    People is me; ghost also me!


    1. First trading tip here.

      Virgin luck to anyone who believe in luck!

      Virgin luck is the most lucky



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