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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Father Knows Best: The Carl Icahn edition

CW8888: World-class example of Super Super Giant Pillow in practice!


By John Carney

Carl Icahn's Netflix investment may be the most annoying Best Trade Ever.

Last fall, Icahn revealed that he had bought a 10 percent stake in Netflix . His average price per share was around $58 each.

Back on Oct. 10, Icahn started selling shares. The biggest sale took place Tuesday, when he sold for an average price of just over $344, for a total of $819 million. That means he made a profit of about $645 million on Tuesday's sale alone.

All told, his profit for the fourteen month investment was between $700 and $800 million .

And he still owns about half of his original stake.



  1. CW,

    I read this story too.

    And the 33 year old son was arguing against Dad selling half the stake!? Experience won out ;)

    It's bit like if we were "investors" in Asiasons, Blumont, and Liongold who bought at the low teens - what will you do if have multi-baggers in less than 12 months?

    I love 2 baggers. Take back capital and let the profits run is much easier this way. But then, if I had done so, I would have left quite a lot of change on the table...

    Who says taking profits was easy?


    1. over time, successful investors will stick to their winning ways whereby taking profits is easy peasy.


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