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Wednesday, 18 August 2021

In the market Always There Are Buyers and Sellers i.e. one man's poison can be another man's meat!

Read? The stock market is weird. (2)

Real examples from our local investment bloggers!

Blog post 1 on Monday, August 16, 2021

Cut loss: Diary Farm 30 Percent loss.

I finally decided to part way with Diary Farm.

Maybe years down the route, they might recover, or maybe mainland visitors will start visiting and give a boast to the health care and beauty segment. Maybe YongHui loss is one off.

Blog post 2 on Tuesday, August 17, 2021


Anyway, Jardine-owned Asian retail giant Dairy Farm International announced its 1H21 earnings more than 2 weeks ago and it was bad. Since then, its share price has fallen significantly. It seems like shopper behaviour during this Covid pandemic is still erratic and given the ongoing restrictions, outlook for the year remains glum. I didn’t have a big position in Dairy Farm International before the announcement but I was consistently averaging down as the share price fell. It has now become one of the major stock holdings in my investment portfolio.

I expect the earnings recovery for Dairy Farm International to start from next year 2022 onwards so I will continue to buy into it if the share price keeps falling for the rest of the year. I don’t have much exposure to this industry sector in my investment portfolio so I’m ok to take a bigger position in it. As long as its Covid-related affecting consumer spending in this area, I have no problem waiting for the eventual recovery. It may take longer than I think but I reckon patience is key for this to pay off.


  1. CW,

    A tale of 2 cities.

    There's Sheng Siong, and there's Diary Farm.

    Some say Wuhan virus is great for supermarket plays! Look at all the hoardings by panicky consumers!

    Some say Wuhan virus is bad for retail business...

    One has reported outsized profits plus big bonuses to staff.

    The other has reported dismal profits. Eh?

    Some investors prefer to add into winners; some prefer to add into losers.

    You know what's weirder?

    Got home ground advantage don't use, prefer to believe we know what's happening in Hong Kong and China better.

    Got to give this round to local local Panda/Koala bears for the win!

    See? I can also "sayang" besides poking ;)


  2. Just like when the market crashes more then 40, 50% time, the lowest point of the crash is very , very often when the volume is

    so low that the price of SGX BLUE CHIPs can lelong yet very few buyers.

    Why huh?

    No more bullets or no more balls?

    Or usually both?


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