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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

I am on Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) (2)

Some folks cpcb so Government has revised RSS for $10 more per month! 

Ha Ha! LOL!


Don't say Government never listen hor!

Read? I am on Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS)


  1. Hmm I was surprised when I heard CPF had planned the RSS based on drawdown to 95?!? And now based on drawdown till 90??

    Tot all along it's based on 20 +/- years drawdown.

    Anyway, Uncle8888, this doesn't seem to affect you much LOL!

  2. Actually in the beginning before CPF LIFE, everyone who were on MSS, was DDA 60 plus 20 years. IRRC.

    Goal post keep on shifting like quicksand or Sahara's Desert storm?

  3. So RSS (now new name) if delay DDA to 70, what happens?

    Base on age 70 + 20 years?

    Is it fair for DDA 63 plus 20 or what?

  4. News is like this ....

    More than a third of Retirement Sum Scheme (RSS) members - some 60,000 people - currently receiving their monthly payouts will see an increase in payouts from next year following changes to the rules.

    Payouts through the RSS, the main Central Provident Fund (CPF) retirement payout scheme for members born before 1958, will be capped at age 90 instead of the current 95 from next year, Manpower Minister Josephine Teo announced in Parliament yesterday.

    increase in payouts = $10 per month.


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