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Sunday, 28 July 2019

FIRE Is That Easy As We Have Thought (3)

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Read? FIRE Is That Easy As We Have Thought (2)

Last week; Uncle8888 went back to his ex-office cafeteria to have kopi with his ex-colleague who will retire next week at 60. 

Official retirement age is at 62 and can be re-employed till 67.

Why retire early when we can still work for a few years to build up fatter retirement fund?

For one simple reason?

Yes, we may love our job; but we may not love the workload throws at us especially during the tail end of our career on stagnant salary. 

We seriously like to slow down; but the work environment may not allow it. 

That is the dilemma! 

Yes, we can deliberately slow down our works; but we will become liabilities to the team. One day; our bosses may have no other choice; but find ways and means to get rid of this liabilities in their team. 

Like this ex-colleague explained. As employee one day we have to retire or  "force" to retire so we might as well plan to retire on our own term.

Here another real life example of employees planning many years well ahead for their own voluntary retirement and then has the option to retire on their own term.

Uniquely Singapore way of retirement - CPF OA, CPF Life and dividend income.

But no SRS! Hmm ... steady!

Walau! No FB too! Lagi steady!


  1. Retirement is almost impossible when u have nothing to do thereafter. and u can age faster, bad health faster and die faster.

    I forced my Parent-in-law into retirement many years ago after her 3-4 decade of working life, to take care of her grandchildren and stay with me, with me reimbursing her salary partly, but supporting her daily expenses fully.

    Weekday, she oversee grandchildren, goes market and cooks! Weekend or PH enjoy free days with friends/relatives gathering. Go for overseas holiday trip 3-4x pa. So her retirement is successful so far. And now she works for the family. haha

    I have 2 other friends, one 65, retired 5 yrs ago, another 57 and retired few years back. Both are financially sound already. But the problem is how to kill time.

    65 yr old, take care of grandchild and fetch them to school and enrichment classes. His wife working still.
    He joins alumni from old school and does meaningful work for them. Above all, he has a group of friends who love table tennis where they play often as a team, and gathers and travel overseas also. So he is so busy everyday.

    The 57 year old one also love table tennis and is quite good. He started doing more grassroot work, and also take courses for table tennis coaching and eventually became a school coach. And he is as busy as working, but enjoying the simple life.

    Just to give some added examples. :-)

    Eventually, we need to do meaningful work in life. I do not like the word "retirement". For me, it is more different stages of life evolvement. Ultimately, the so call more meaningful life at the later stage >60, for me, should not be still worrying too much about money, but instead have time to do meaningful work, and establish meaningful relationships in our lives.

  2. May be there is job sharing economy to meet shortage of manpower when the population age faster. Job sharing economy can reduce workload for individuals. Have the cake and still eat it.


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