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Monday, 15 October 2018

Salutation To This Warrior: 17 Years Long Service And Outstanding Award For Bringing Food To Monks In The Temple Of Capital

17 years long service and outstanding award to Keppel Corp (Sep 2001 to Oct 2018)

About 14.7% CAGR over 17 years

Average dividend yield on cost is about 2.5% per month or 30% per year

Read? Just a few multi-baggers may be enough for your kid's university fund - Updated

What is the moral of story for retail investors?


  1. Replies
    1. CW,

      Jokes and trolling you aside, I hope some readers can see beyond my teasing and your powerpoints...

      Your method is the SOLID kind of dividend investing!

      Don't be like the yield hog who assumes stock A with dividend yield of 8% is "better" than stock B with dividend yield of 3%.

      Like that anyone and everyone also can be dividend investor!

      Just buy the stock with the HIGHEST dividend yield. Look ma! No brains needed!

      Revenue growth is super important. No revenue growth how to increase profits?

      No increased profits how to declare more dividends?

      Run if you see a company focusing on Save More. Hyflux anyone?

  2. Luck(or whatever is your faith) is not enough.

    Must be blessed with DP & L too.

  3. Wow!

    If I kept for 30 years Fatt Tat Liu.

    I kept recycle warriors one.

  4. Huat ah. If 1 million in keppel, means 300k every year. Dont need work liao!

  5. One ex-colleague's retired businessman uncle has 500,000 Kep Corp shares.


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