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Monday 26 March 2018

The day when doctor brings bad news. It can happen to anyone. (2)

Read? The day when doctor brings bad news. It can happen to anyone.

Since western medicine has run out of remedies for his persistent cough and nose mucus; he now switched to TCM. Bo pian! He can't be doing nothing. Right?

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Wah! Uncle8888 has been consulting TCM on weekly basis and TCM sinseh has been changing and mixing different herbal mixtures to find a cure or remedy for his excessive nose mucus and back drip triggering the cough!

TCM sinseh has yet to say no cure but keep trying!

How many combinations of herbs to find that magic formula mixtures? 10, 20, 30?


  1. Oh dear. I also have sinus. Try this, it worked for me
    1) Morning - drink warm lemon, honey, ginger warm water on empty stomach
    eat an apple
    2) Reduce Meat and Diary in Diet. Eat more Veg + Fruit + Brown Rice.
    3) Try this regime when you feel congested

    1. Thank you for sharing.

      2) Reduce Meat and Diary in Diet. Eat more Veg + Fruit. I have been doing it since 2004 except brown rice.

      In fact; I have tried quite number of homemade remedies. The last one was Elderberries treatment before switching TCM to see how.

      Likely the cells and nerves were seriously weakened by 37 sessions of radiotherapy in 2004.

  2. Hi bro cw

    I ever have long cough for a bout 2-3 months. My colleague asked me tried flushing nasal with salt water to clean my sinus also and it help...
    hope this can help u :)


  3. I have been flushing the nose every night during bath since 2004 Aug till last night. Last visit to ENT specialist on Feb, doctor said it is good that you are still flushing your nose. LOL!

  4. Hi Uncle,

    I've been a fighter with sinus for the longest time I can remember and I could relate on the irritating cough and mucus problem. When I read the your reply up there to Lady, I quickly did a quick read on your 'Education - Life - Regrets of Dying' series and happen to chance upon an article about your 10th anniversary.

    I'm sorry if I rekindle the situation. But, once again, another lesson learnt from you apart from the regular dose of financial knowledge. I believe you have done really well in passing your knowledge and wisdom around.

    Many would have gotten much out of it and I'm personally one that benefited greatly.

    Thank you and utmost respect for your fighting spirit.
    Much more to learn from you.

  5. Hi Uncles8888,

    Hope you can find the magic formula through TCM. I studied western medicines and know that most of them are 'zhi biao bu zhi ben' (treat symptoms but doesn't treat the root of the problem). Although they are like 'quick fix'.

    Try to identify and avoid external triggers, continue to nose irrigate, take stuff good for immunity and continue healthy lifestyle would be better than sole reliance on medicines for non-acute conditions.

    You can do it as a health warrior as much as a wealth warrior! :)


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