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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Conviction? Hoot Tua Tua Or Let Them Grow Slowly And Steady To Tua Tua???

Read? No One Can Teach You Conviction. You need to Acquire It Yourself

Ask any retail investors who have average down their stocks until recovery to break even is near impossible. Are they ever short of conviction?

Uncle8888's money management and risk management limited exposure to any single stock to not more than 10% of his total capital since inception in Jan 2000.

From the chart below; where is his conviction over the last 18 years?

Hoot tua tua or Let it be and then tua tua?


  1. Let them grow slowly and steady till tua tua!!

  2. Hi Uncle8888,
    I am not too adept at reading the chart. May I know if I interpreted correctly, that each blue bar stands for one stock holding and its capital gain/loss?

  3. There are many ways to exercise conviction.
    Some chose to average down, some can choose to buy, hold and let the winners run. Even selling needs conviction!

  4. Each is one stock which can be still holding or already sold. The height is or was total of realized P/L, unrealized P/L and accumulated dividends

  5. Conviction is a must.
    When to know U must gosturn also is a must too.


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