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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Who are you and Where you were??? (5)

Read? Who are you and Where you were??? (4)

How to reduce your forward stress over future volatile markets?

First we must understand this wealth formula:

Wealth = Asset Value + Cash Flow

Asset Value is NOT within our control; we have to accept whatever asset value Mr. Market says so; but the level of cash flow can be managed by us within certain level of comfort to meet our needs and stretch our wants.

Who are you? Younger or older

Where you were? How are you doing with your spare money?

Uncle8888 can forecast how badly he will be hit in the future and he is preparing for it. 

Where you want to be? Create wealth or Receive sustainable income for life?

When we depend too much on it; we will by nature feel more painful when it is lost. But, when we can move farther away from this dependency; we will likely to feel less painful and less stressful over difficult times.

This is what Uncle8888 trying to achieve before reaching his 60th birthday.




  1. HSBC made a survey called “Future of Retirement” and it was found that:

    1/3 of Singaporeans expect their standard of living to fall when they retire.

    78% of working-age Singaporeans are worried about having enough money to live on day-to-day in retirement.

    They expect their savings to only last 13 out of 23 years in retirement.

    15% of the working-age surveyees believe they will never fully retire.

    33% of working Singaporeans are not saving for their retirement.

    41% of working Singaporeans say paying off their mortgage is preventing them from adequately preparing for retirement. This compared to only 23% of working people globally.

    1. I believe most of your personal finance and investment Influencers (bloggers) are not part of that numbers.


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