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Sunday 1 February 2015


Source: CPF Business-Partner > Life Events > Making An Investment > CPFIS Reports: The Results

Realised profits/losses are profits and losses of CPF investors(1) who have sold their CPFIS-OA investments during the reporting period. 

The total number of CPFIS-OA investors who sold their investments increased slightly from 898,600 in FY 2013 to 902,300 in FY 2014. CPFIS-OA investors performed slightly better in FY 2014 relative to FY 2013.

For FY 2014, about 140,200 members (15% of the total CPFIS-OA investors in FY 2014) made net realised profits(2) in excess of the OA interest rate of 2.5%(3), compared to 138,400 members (15% of total CPFIS-OA investors in FY 2013) in FY 2013.

The number of members who made realised profits equal to or less than OA rate increased to 404,000 members in FY 2014 (45% of total CPFIS-OA investors) from 385,500 members (43%) in FY 2013.

About 358,000 members in FY 2014 (40% of total CPFIS-OA investors) made realised losses, 2 percentage-points improvement compared to about 374,700 members (42% of total CPFIS-OA investors) in FY 2013.

The details are summarized in the pie charts below:

CW8888: We can see that only 15% of CPF members made more than 2.5% for past two years. This data has showed us that 2.5% investment return is not that easy to beat.

(1) This also includes members who have active investment accounts during the reporting period. These members may have received dividends, interest and coupon payments or incurred expenses during the reporting period.

(2) The realised profit figure is after expenses such as investment transaction charges and agent banks’ service charges.

(3) The prevailing CPF interest rate of 2.5%, which is computed monthly and compounded annually, is applied to the net amount of CPF savings withdrawn for investments, which includes investment instruments which were still being held as at 30 September 2014 (eg. insurance policies and bank deposits which have not reached maturity, and shares and unit trusts which have not been sold). 

However, the interest is calculated only for the current financial year.


  1. I don't think I can beat 2.5% and 4% over 5 years Risk Fres and can sleep peacefully at night. Should bump up my voluntary contribution to COF SA

  2. Today, my 62+ old colleague confessed that he is one of those 40% CPF members who lose money. It was so painful to pay quarterly maintenance fees to his CPF investment bank on many losing counters that he closed his CPF investment account upon reaching 55 to stop this quarterly bleeding.


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