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Saturday, 18 January 2014

It is more than just being lucky!!!

Just For Thinking ..

It is more than just being lucky!!!

The truth is ...

It is more of living with regrets and often feeling stupid!


Hindsight wisdom. We are full of it!


  1. To get lucky with ToTo Jackpot. You just need to pay $1!

    To get lucky with stocks, you will need to pay them with regrets, squeeze your balls or bang your head!

  2. Agree! But then hoh, it's easier to get lucky with stocks or T0T0?

  3. temperament,

    In percentages or baggers, it's much easier with Toto ;)

    I'm sure most of us have bet 50 cents Toto quick pick and won $20? How many baggers is that?

    Stocks I've yet to get a 10 bagger :(

    But then the truth is I didn't spend 50 cents to buy Toto to get the $20 winning. I spend hundreds accumulated before I won that bloody $20!!!

    That's why it's so funny to read the discussion on how to calculate the annual returns. Some develop amnesia on their early losses and only calculate from the year they made profits.


    1. I have lost many ToTo QuickPick $3 for years and the highest number won is 4. KNS!

      But, I will not give up hope.

      Hong Bao Draw coming!

  4. SMOL,
    i agree.
    Remember the driving instructor's advertisement about "Listen only to the good Things".
    People like to forget or pretend to forget :-

    "The absolute return or simply return is a measure of the gain or loss on an investment portfolio expressed as a percentage of invested capital."
    i always believe i have to base on absolute.

    That's why i track my stock portfolio with a Virtual Cash Fund that's large enough to never go to negative. Make my life simple.


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