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Sunday, 19 January 2014

How to become rich in stocks??? (21)

Read? How to become rich in stocks??? (20)

How to get lucky and strike ToTo JackPot?

Before you can get lucky, are you prepared to throw away many $2 notes?


Then it will be too difficult for you to become LUCKY.

How to get lucky with stocks?

First, we have to understand we are retail investors and not Fund Managers who have plenty of other people money as their investing capital to invest and play around.

They may need more luck and have to be lucky to hit Jack Pot with their stock picks.

As retail investors, we get lucky when our war chest get bigger.

When our war chest is bigger, we have more guts and patience.

Gut and Patience???

When we have more money to play. We tend to have more Gut and Patience

It is easier to buy when you have $100K.

You see. You feel okay. You buy.

When you are down with $10K,

You see. You analyze, analyze and still analyzing. Can buy?

Now, do you recall those lucky fellows who have bought those lucky multi-baggers and those unlucky fellows who have run out of money to buy the same lucky multi-baggers which they also have been monitoring so closely?

Now, you tell me how does the luck factor for retail investors come from?

Sizeable War Chest, Gut and Patience?


When you run of money, your luck also run out too.


We are retail investors!

Know where does our luck factor come from and prepare to be lucky in the next few Bear markets.


  1. Qian bei,

    I can listen OK.

    No need to shout so loud...

    Lucky you never capitalised everything.

    You nearly made me stand in attention!

    That would be like my RSM during NS - far far away can shout: "Seah! What you doing? Don't idle!"

  2. People who believe in luck can never attain financial freedom. Even if they struck lottery, they would just spend the money away.
    I have never known any Singaporeans who built their fortunes through luck.
    You need to know the building blocks to be rich.

    SG Wealth Builder (

  3. Luck can be interpreted in more than one way.
    Even WB had said if he was born in Africa instead of America then everything will be different for him.
    If he could say that, the most successful investor to date who are we to say differently?

  4. Of course if you are saying about LUCK in lottery or in gambling in a casino, then it's a different cattle of fish.

  5. temperament,

    Self-made rich businessmen I've met in churches and at temples - those who volunteer their time and money - all have the humility to say it's luck or through his Grace's or heaven's blessing (if not we won't be seeing them at such places).

    Ironic isn't it? Best investor in the world WB is also so humble and down to earth. I don't think WB will be as popular if he goes round shooting his mouth: "And that's why I earn more than you."


    1. Luck or Passion?

      Not answering with either.

      May get tulan reactions!

      Read Scott Adams book to find out.

    2. After showing you have passion you need Blessings or Luck too
      You had told me you can't know before hand, KeppelCorp is going to make you quite rich.

  6. CW,

    Some bosses and managers - rich but well liked by their minions. (有情有义)

    Some other bosses and managers - their minions can't wait for them to fall so to give them a few kicks! (打小人)

    Same same but different. There must be a secret sauce!

    We study to achieve success in life or to become a gentlemen?

    Copy you; not answering.


  7. People who believe in GOD or Lady Luck knows that no matter how smart or stupid they have been, life is very often unpredictable. They know they can't control or can't know what's going to happen next. So is our stock investments.

    Why just 2 Sundays ago someone got waylaid by a young drug addict robber at about 8 PM. It was in a small car park surrounded by HDB's blocks. i can't imagine the robber dared to do it here, if not high on drug. And when the target said he had no money, the drug addict suddenly whipped out a flick knife and charged at him. He was speaking incoherently.
    Thanks be given to GOD, the target managed to come out of this unpleasant and dangerous encounter with superficial, minor cuts to the arms. And he actually got nothing to defence (nothing valuable on him). He said, it was too sudden, drug addict charging at him with the knife that he had no time to think but self defence.
    Everything turns out alright in the end.


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