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Thursday, 17 November 2011

For how long can we control our mind? Don't need to talk about investment!

Just for Thinking ....

Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. It affects memory, thinking, language, judgment, and behavior.

Read? Dementia

I saw what can really happen to a person who has dementia; and for older folks like me should include it as part of financial planning. How can a family member take over my portfolio when sign of dementia is showing up.

This is what happened today.

My mother-in-law tapped her ezlink card at MRT gate and went out first. I followed closely behind her. As she was slow in walking through the gate but I was quick to tap my ezlink card and caused the card to fail. I tapped again but still failed. So I went to the control room but the staff was busy on the phone and I have to wait for him.

I could see my mother-in-law looking quite lost from a distance when she realized that I was not behind her. She nervously looked around and searched for me. At last she realized that I was inside the MRT station. She tapped her ezlink card and came in again.

Dementia can happen to any old folks so we need to consider it as part of financial planning.


  1. Now you are freaking me out...

    It's something I fear the most. Imagine if we can't recognise ourselves!?

    Critical illnesses I have mentally prepared what I can do. But I've not thought about dementia...

  2. Very true and emotional issue for most adults who have elderly parents.

    I'm sure the mild dementia elderly will be suffering mentally from the stress of knowing he/she might not recognised his families and be a burden to the kids. For the children, to see the parents not recognising them is a very emotional thing(if it were to happen to me).

    But we have to cope with this. These days, my parents are a little bit forgetful and I always wonder whether it is dementia or just old age. I just hope the day never comes for them to lose me mentally.

    Anyway, a bit of sidetrack, morbid but my thought all along on life expectancy. I have always expect myself to go between 60-65 as this is the best time for me. Illness and old age set in after that and nobody can enjoy your company and everyone suffers with you. It is also a good time since the children would be in their adulthood and can be free of encumbrance to choose the way they want to live their lifes and where to live it at.

    I just hope the children will be able to make money work for them (like I will try to teach them as best to my ability)) instead of working for money. That is the best gift I leave to them, the ability to think and make financial decisions.


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