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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My Net Worth Distribution Pie

When Singapore stock market crashes, I will feel poorer! Why?
Because 43% of my net worth comes from money made in Singapore stock market.


I have zero debts and no investment property. Net worth excludes residential home, CPF SA and MA.

Portfolio=Capital+Profits+Unrealized P/L = Stocks(Closing Px)+Cash Available for Investing


  1. Surprise that you do not have any debt. Typical firms borrow moneys to earn more revenue. I have written an article on low risk leverage on my bog. Do take a look.

  2. Read? Business Leverages And Personal Leverages.

    Do you think that I am financially stupid just because I have zero debts? Some time, we must know what is enough as we can't possibly earn all the money that are available in the investment world.

    In all past crisis, I didn't lose sleep and in future crisis I will not lose sleep too. LOL

    Read this book: "Financially Stupid People Are Everywhere: Don't Be One Of Them."

  3. Not saying that you are financially incline. You are known to have won battles in stock market !I have not win any. Thats why focus on low risk way of buying stocks. Porbably my perception is that most wealthy people leverage to become richer is not correct.(have not done statistic on it)
    IMO, for people who do have limit cash for investment, without leverage , the trasaction commision eat into the capital.
    I do agree that leverage induce risk. It also require great strength of displine especially when one feel like having "extra free money". will look at your recommend book. cheers

  4. SCB no minimum brokerages and commission at 0.2% has enabled small retail investors or traders to invest or trade like the big boys. Do sign up if you don't have one but don't over-trade.


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