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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Happiness within?

We may not be sure on how to increase the happiness level in the future; but we can be sure what will decrease the happiness level. If we have one more thing to worry for the future and if that worry come true it will definitely bring down our Happiness Score or Index.

Long-term committed expenses

Our two long-term future expenses are monthly mortgage payment for residual home and life insurance premiums payment. Once they were started, we will have little choice but to find all means to cover them till their end.

I believe no one with the right mind will want to pay their insurance premiums sooner than expected. So we are now left with mortgage payment. This one will require us to clearly think through. Every one has to decide for themselves what is happiness within. Is that feeling of richness in us happiness within?

Read? debt-free — and that, to me, is richness enough

Healthy body and not on long-term medications

Anyone on long-term medications is unlikely to increase his or her Happiness Score or Index. One way to make our body as healthy as possible is through continuous long hours e.g. 2-3 hrs exercise. This is what learned from my seniors who are not on any long-term medications. They either run or jog long distance for few hours on the road or swim more than 100 lapses in the pool.

I know it is very hard to do that. I too have that difficult. I know some of you guys swear by charting and technical analysis. Some of you love multi-bagger stocks.

Actually, continuous long hours exercise is just like seeing a chart for a stock. It is about testing supports and breaking resistances. Every time you are doing it on the road or in the pool. You are testing support and breaking resistance. You have to press on to test higher support and break higher resistance. Soon you see a strong uptrend on your BODY. After a few years of strong up trend, you will get a multi-bagger BODY.

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  1. Part of successful financial planning is to ensure good health. Protection is by insurance but prevention by regular exercise and proper diet is often forgotten. Follow that up with a screening before complications set in. Prevention is better than cure. Healthcare costs despite all measures, will only go up.
    Studies have also confirmed that the last few years of our lives will see highest medical costs incurred. Be prepared by having Prevention, Screening (to confirm) and Protection.

  2. "Lao Lee" swims, while President Nair walks after dinner. Both are in good health.

    Looking at my paunch, I realise that it's not healthy - higher risk for heart disease and diabetes. Timely reminder! I've started to walk to and back from work every day this month. 1 hour each way. Hope to upgrade it to jogging when I return! Baby steps.


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