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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Do and Don't in Investing

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Some ideas from Cho Yan Chiu, Director of Hong Kong Economics Journal.

Learn from these animal when investing in the stock market.

To be aggressive as wolves and don't behave like sheep

Those who are aggressive as wolves can make lots of money whereas those are as meek as sheep only stand to lose. Sheep have limited visibility as they can only see three feet ahead. Wolves can stand at the mountain top and look down the mountain so they can see further.

Wolves are also loners and sheep are in pack.

This is the wolf's mentality. When wolves go for the kill, they attack with speed. They act swiftly when it comes to reaping the rewards.
All the entrepreneurs who are to make profits have wolf-like personalities.

Be a shark is ideal

However, being like a wolf does not guarantee success. It would be ideal if you could position yourself like a shark. A shark can go without food for three weeks. When it spotted its target it can surge forward at the fastest speed and kills it with one bite.

Don't be Rabbit

First, happy Lunar Rabbit Year to you. Since it is the Year of Rabbit, but it doesn't mean that you have to invest like a Rabbit. If you behave like rabbit, it will be hard for you to make big money from the stock market.

Don't be like a rabbit. When a rabbit chews on its carrot; it would look at it, put it down and repeat the cycle continuously. A rabbit always take small bites. It is just like small retail investors earn small and quick profits. But, eventually, they would be devoured by BBs who are like eagles.

Be predators

Predators are like wolves, eagles and sharks and they always go for the kill. Their attacks are deadly. So good investors must be vicious, must be able to bear with certain situations and must have accurate foresight.

Predators have great patience. Yes. You too need to be patient when it is disadvantage to you. Accurate predictions and vicious attacks are also essential. You can only succeed when you have these three attributes.

Bull's Eye Technique

No matter what industry is, you need to spot the leading stocks in that industry. You will only reap the rewards in the leading stocks and not the secondary stocks. Those small companies are lacking in competition so you need to buy the best stocks to win big.

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  1. Hi bro8888,

    Haha, I think wolves hunt in packs and they are not loners :)

    How about cats - they are more loners than wolves? :)


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