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Sunday, 11 April 2010

3 Ms of Trading – Mind, Method and Money - Part 3

3 Ms of Trading – Mind, Method and Money - Part 2

Ancient Chinese wisdoms for Method and Mind in Active Investing

"Knowing you need to stop, set a target"
"Knowing your target, the mind is calm"
"When your mind is calm, you become steady"
"When you are steady, you can think better"
"When you think better, you can achieve your success"

"Thing will have a beginning and ending"
"Knowing how it will begin and how it will end"
"Road to success is nearer to you"

Clear Target To Stop

Some may know that they need to stop but don't have a clear target how to stop. Most will say they will stop at the next bull. So are you clear where is the next bull?

When you don't know how to to stop, your mind is not calm during volatile market. You either become too fearful or too greedy.

Market is a Cycle

The road to success is nearer if you can learn to recognise the market cycle.




  2. This post is totally apt for the volatile market these days
    -every positive news that I see comes with a negative news (2 schools of opinions on whether the bull's still has miles to run or recession is coming).

  3. Fortunate teller or what or who, can tell U your past very accurately.
    U better believe there are such people(with the help of the spirits of this World).
    If U believe or came across such person who can even know your habits and character, then logically, U should believe there is a Greater Power out of this World that nothing happens in future with out his knowledge, design and permission.

    So i know my beginning in the stock market because it has past.
    i also know how my ending (in the future) in the stock market.

    i am calm but Who can be sure of the future?

    Only the POWER OUT OF THIS WORLD know.


  4. To me actually no one really knows the market cycle until it happens.

    Nevertheless it doesn't stop people to claim they can forecast or predict the next BB cycles.

    If only i know will i share it with the World?

    Remember, it is usually 5 to 7 year BB cycle.

    It is more than 10 years now, why?



    i guess Bear will come when there is a war some where with of course UNCLE SAM.

    1. Singapore has negative interest before?

    2. Maybe if the Whole World goes Negative Rate, can Singapore still Positive?

      Let us see.

      So far Singapore "follows" US FD RATE quite closely, i think.

    3. So is it a surprise that so call gold experts or Gurus are saying invest in Gold now?

      Hee, hee, hee. Actually i should have sold my wife's unused, untreasured, unwanted gold jewelries when gold spot price reached 66K per kilogram.

      What to do?

      Greed tell me to wait for market crash or recession lol.

      Greed knows no bounds.

      Besides my wife have told me more than once to convert her "unwanted" gold jewelries into cash as they are no use to her, ever.

      Ke, ke, ke.

  5. Actually in terms of CPF interest rate yes relatively to Bank FD rates at that time.

    That was when i bought NTUC and UOB endowment fund for 5 and 10 years.


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