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Saturday, 9 November 2019

Day 1 : Taoyouan

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First time staying in 汽車旅館

Beverly Commercial Motel

The motel is opposite of Taimall

We took public bus 5059 from Taoyuan Terminal 1 bus station to Taimall stop.

We choose this motel near Taimall where this bus stop has many other bus services. Good for B.M.W travelers.

Upon check-in; we realized something that is not SOP!

Breakfast is inclusive but we were not issue any breakfast voucher. 

When we asked about breakfast; the staff replied it would be given at night when we came back to motel! 

Hmm??? Why like that?

Do you know why issue breakfast voucher only at night when you return to motel to collect key?

Whenever we leave the motel; at the gantry we have to surrender the room key for safe keeping.

Hmm .. OIC!

This is drive in motel!

Sometime when we watch Taiwanese dramas; there are scenes where couple going to motel for affairs. 

Just surrender key and drives off. 

No need to formally check out?

Daxi Old Street(大溪老街)

Not much different from other old streets in Taiwan!

Lunch at Daxi old street

Yam Bak Tu soup

Dinner at Taimall's Foodcourt as we were tired and lazy to walk around to look for other food or visit Nan-kan Wufu night market.


  1. Uncle 8888 naughty naughty but lomantic romantic.

    Anyways, the first bus I took in Taiwan left me a bad experience with this bus driver.

    Was going to this popular apalaca cafe from Dan shui station by bus.

    Asked the bus driver is it xxx stop to reach there. Bus driver no reply, asked again then nodded head.

    Bus driver driving bus like f1, bus did not stop at every stop, not sure is it the practice? Yes, bus in Taiwan will give notice on which stop,but driver drive very fast until signal cannot catch up.

    I confirmed that I have missed the bus stop, as the bus went uphill and many students alighted heading to their school ( school was like polytechnic in sg)

    Once again, I approached the driver,and asked him is this the last stop? No reply from him again. Asked him one more time, he gestured infront without saying anything.

    At this point, I got fed up and also alighted with the students.

    Waited for more than half an hour at the school area , before just nice got taxi bring in student, and I took the cab.

    No mood to see apalaca anymore that day.

  2. Next time you use Taiwan Bus Tracker apps. You may not need to ask bus driver.

    Public bus has display in words and announcement for next stop. It is better than Singapore bus.

    You have to address bus driver Sifu in mandarin.

    Sifu, going to xxxx. Have or not.

    1. At bus stop also has bus route information but you need to see carefully small print on color code on direction to which end terminal. They use same bus information at the opposite bus stop too.

    2. The BusTracker apps gives update on your current location and you can roughly add up your estimated arrival at your destination stop. Better than our SG Transport apps

  3. You can play BusTracker Taiwan later and have a feel before next trip

  4. Uncle 8888
    Addressed him as da ge, maybe he feel offended that's why. Haha

    He raised his voice at another passenger on Why never tap out you you card. The passenger replied him he used coins. The bus driver having his bad day.

    Defintely will use bustrack app and Google map. Even the local will use Google map and reccomend it because too many buses and routes. Haha

  5. Anyways good experience, as I found out the buses have certain shift. Like morning until noon 6am to 12pm kind and next shift starts from 3pm onwards.The time I alighted was after 12pm. So I needed to wait for at least few hours for the next shift. I confirmed with security guard in school.

    That's when just nice taxi came. Noticed the school is at ulu uphill place and spotted the students either drive car or motorcycle.

    1. That is why we can't travel in Taiwan without BusTracker app

    2. Taxi drove me back, past by the apala cafe and you know what, it wasn't open. Hahaha. What a day.

      In the end, go visit zoo also can see apalaca.hahaha

    3. That is why we need Google map to verify before proceeding.


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