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Saturday, 17 November 2018

CPFIS Investment Statistics

Hmm .. more CPF members realized better don't play play with their CPF OA money may be after kena the last Bear market in 2008/2009???

GE was once America's most valuable company. Today it is fighting junk-bond status.

CW8888: Those days when Uncle8888 has just started working in 1977; many CEOs loved to quote GE as model to follow. 

General Electric stock has fallen to single digits and its investment grade bonds trade like high-yield debt, as the market bets it will continue to deteriorate and could end up with a junk rating.

GE was a negative factor in the sell off in both the investment grade and high yield bond markets this week, but strategists say it has its own issues and is not a signal of broader trouble in the corporate debt market.

GE's new CEO said he will move quickly to raise cash and make asset sales.

"When the market begins to price you to junk status, you have a very limited time to clear that up before you become junk," said one strategist.

Jeff Bezos to employees: 'One day, Amazon will fail' but our job is to delay it as long as possible

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told employees, in response to a question at an all-hands meeting last week, that the company is not "too big to fail."

Bezos was asked a similar question at an internal meeting in March about Amazon's size and the potential for government regulation.

Bezos is addressing the concerns as Amazon prepares to expand into two new headquarters locations in New York and Virginia.

Friday, 16 November 2018

'There are no poor soldiers, only poor leaders': SMRT chief Neo Kian Hong says staff engagement is key

Mr Neo, who sold his car and now takes public transport to understand issues that commuters face daily, said that their problems have become personal for him.

"I thought that it was important for me to experience the MRT for myself," he added. "When I sit in a room and I listen to briefings about maintenance problems ... and then I get feedback from commuters about ... the heat, the smell, I don't know what they are talking about.

"And then when I smell it, it's totally personal," he said.


Hmm ... SMRT CEO may need to encourage more regular commuters like Uncle8888 to feedback.

Uncle8888 took so many MRT trips until he could tell the difference and feedback.  :-)

Thursday, 15 November 2018

What is good Financial Planning? (2)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Read? What is good Financial Planning?

Uncle8888 has been following the current hot debate on financial/retirement planning arising from this news article

SINGAPORE - New financial advisory firm MoneyOwl, as its name suggests, wants to help Singaporeans make wise financial decisions that include integrating schemes such as the Central Provident Fund (CPF).

Hmm .. so Uncle8888 has made wise financial decisions with his
Three Taps Solution model for sustainable retirement income for life! LOL!

The Golden Formula for a good financial planning

Good Financial Planning = Saving + Insurance + Investment

Tap 1 : Savings in CPF OA & Cash

Tap 2 : Self-insured medical and health care fund on top of Medishield Life. ( His last life insurance matured at age of 60 as planned donkey years ago in his 30s to retire from full-time employment latest by 60. Since he is no longer human asset generating income after 60 so there is no need to cover human liability with life insurance after 60)

Tap 3 : Investment

Read? Three Little Pigs Net Worth - Assets & Wolf

Many Years No Eat This Dried Chilli Prawn Mee

$4 Dry Chilli Prawn mee is quite different from other prawn mee

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Leverage For Higher Income???

Asian Pay Television Trust


0.16 SGD −0.16 (49.21%)

With this type of drop of 49% in one day; how does margin calls work for this scenario?

Forced selling?

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

You think it is so easy to retire early??? (Refresh)

Read? You think it is so easy to retire early???

For those joining FIRE movement.

Something for you to think beyond FIRE!

Real people. Real misFIRE!

Monday, 12 November 2018

He Doesn't Want To Retire

Real Person. Real ex-colleague!

He was on his annual leave; but he still went back to office to "tidy" up his desk except that he was wearing casually since he was officially on annual leave and not working.

He loves his job so much???

You can guess why he doesn't want to retire!

Just Spend Below Our Means During Our Wealth Accumulation Phase We Should Be Financially Secured (2)

Read? Just Spend Below Our Means During Our Wealth Accumulation Phase We Should Be Financially Secured

Next, based on his 15 years of real savings at Dec 2016, Uncle8888 will do simplified version of retirement planning for his retirement income starting from 2017 (age 61) under portfolio return and its associated withdrawal rate and period.

Assuming yearly inflation rate is at 2.5%

A) 3% Yield, 5% Withdrawal rate, 21 years @ 81

B) 4% Yield, 6% Withdrawal rate, 19 years @ 79

C) 5% Yield, 7% Withdrawal rate, 18 years @ 78

Option A can be achieved by index investing e.g. STI ETF.

He can afford to retire simply as local and JB tourist with his monthly Senior citizen Silver concession pass.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Just Spend Below Our Means During Our Wealth Accumulation Phase We Should Be Financially Secured

Since Jan 2002; Uncle8888 has been downloading his bank monthly statement and tracked them diligently till now.



A real life example of single household income earner since 1995 who has supported a family of 5 members including expenses for his three children's university study.

(1) Total earned income after tax from his full-time job as employee from Jan 2002 to Sep 2016

(2) Total mandatory CPF contributions from Jan 2002 to Sep 2016

(3) Total earned income after tax and CPF from Jan 2002 to Sep 2016

(4) Total household expenses from Jan 2002 to Dec 2016

Saturday, 10 November 2018

The Next Market Cycle Of Bear To Bull To Prove My Investing Strategy Right Or Wrong!

Read the Past and Forecast the Future!

Let see whether the next Great SGX Sales is worth more than 10 years of rotting cash waiting for it to happen. 

Super long wait!

Super test of endurance and patience in receiving low return from war chest!

STI Compounded Return From 1996 to 2017

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Advising Or Teaching Financial or Investing Is A Different Animal Who Doesn't Putting Bulk Of Their Net Worth Into It

Read? Why your Financial Adviser Might be Right to Have Most of Her Net Worth in Real Estate

More than a decade ago; this direct question has been asked ...

Read? SMOL: Trust But Verify???

Do you have more than 70% of your skin in it or just token sum to show show?

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Clearing debts early for a "Peace of Mind" is Overrated - Here's why???

That peace of mind will happen in late 40s or 50s when rumours start flying around that retrenchment exercise is coming - CW8888

Uncle8888 has lived long enough to meet real people who have been retrenched in their late 40s and 50s.

Their difference when they are retrenched:

Worry less or worry more

Concern less or concern more

Peace of mind or Troubled mind

Read? Key word Retrenched

Huge difference between "Having debts" and "Having debts on negative net worth"

Having debts doesn't means negative net worth. Know the difference!

Having debts on negative net worth is potentially troubled mind when you are retrenched in your late 40s or 50s. OMG! I am retrenched!

Another form of retirement planning for Singaporeans and PRs - 3 or more Taps Solution model

SG Physiotherapist6 November 2018 at 17:48:00 GMT+8

Hi there,

May I know which author’s form of retirement planning/ drawdown do you subscribe to?


Uncle8888 happened to see these :

Let us see for ourselves the comparison table :

Uncle8888's Three Taps Solution model for sustainable retirement income for life 

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Surprise To See So Many Chickens In HDB Heartland

Top Senior Citizen Using Public Transport On PAssion Silver Concession Card (2)

One Indian ex-colleague asked what is the news about Uncle8888 when one of them posted in the chat group.

Uncle888 tried his hand at translating this news. Pardon from any errors in translation. :-)

Bought monthly pass.  Within two months completed walking around the coast of the island

Uncle cleverly used public transport concession to walk around the coast of the island and only spent $120

Active uncle cleverly used public transport concession and less than two months only spent $120 to complete walking around the coast of the island!

Once he read about the news that in Taiwan one retiree cycled around the coast of Taiwan. Freelance delivery agent, Jacob Ng (62) got that inspiration, two years ago at his 60th birthday, he started to use senior citizen concession card and bought $60 monthly pass, the next day started  (planned) "round the coast tour".

Jacob said : "I often go for overseas tour; but never really tour much in Singapore; might as well make use of this opportunity (in retirement) to do round the coast of island walking trail.

His first stop was at Punggol by following the walking path along the coast of Punggol. When it was getting too dark or it was going to rain; he would stop his walking trail and took MRT and bus back home. The next day; he would resume his walking trail from the last stop point.

By MRT, bus and walk; Jacob spent about two months to complete round the coast of island walking trail. But, because he couldn't really "rest" his feet; he continued to jog the Park Connectors after that.

Last January; he took up freelance delivery job. He took MRT and bus to deliver documents.

He worked about 6 hours daily, one day taking about 15 trips of MRT and bus; because of purchasing monthly pass he has unlimited travel on public transport.

With PAssion Silver concession card; he also shopped at Cold Storage to accumulate points.

Jacob said : " I feel that this card is very good to use and the monthly pass gave him the push (incentive or NO transport cost restriction) to move around and by moving around a lots is also a form of walking exercise.

Due to heavy usage of PAssion Silver concession pass; this morning he received Goodie Bag at Tampines North CC PA event from Guest of Honour, MP Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary Ministry of Transport, Culture, Community and Youth.

Another recipient, Chua (65, retiree) also received the Goodie Bag. He said : " I everyday took about 6 MRT and bus trips to walk around and to meet friends. Because I bought the monthy pass; I saved some money on transport. cost As retiree; can save, better save!

Monday, 5 November 2018

Investing vs Trading (6) - Frequency and level of Risk Taking (Refresh)

Read? Investing vs Trading (6) - Frequency and level of Risk Taking

Top Senior Citizen Using Public Transport On PAssion Silver Concession Card

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Read? Unlimited Tavel on MRT & Buses in Singapore and SBS 170 to JB as senior citizen!

Read? Walk One Round The Coastal Singapore And Jog All PCNs of Singapore

Two years later; Uncle8888 totally unexpectedly was recognized by LTA for becoming the top senior citizen using public transport on PAssion Silver concession via $60 unlimited monthly pass. 

Yesterday he received Goodie bag as appreciation for using public trasnport from MP Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

How Do We Know Or Feel The Financial Impact/Burden Of Yearly Inflation After Two Decades Of Inflation??? (2)

Read? How Do We Know Or Feel The Financial Impact/Burden Of Yearly Inflation After Two Decades Of Inflation???

Beware of inflation, inflation and inflation! 

It is what financial planners and bloggers have been chanting on preparing for retirement!

Looking at Uncle8888's own past 16 years of data points since 2002; not sure why it didn't match up any closer to inflation theory. 

May be he needs more data points in the next one or two decades to finally see the financial impact/burden of yearly inflation!

Friday, 2 November 2018

Thursday, 1 November 2018

STI : Rebounding Off Strong support. Bear Still Sleeping???

Workfare Payouts

After successful appeal for Auntie8888 workfare eligibility last month since Uncle8888 has already retired from his full-time job and no longer earning more than $70K. Auntie8888 has began to receive monthly workfare payouts and also another lump sum for 2017 of same amount.

Workfare payout is good enough to cover daily coffee and also yearly Medi-shield premium.

Uncle8888 will appeal for his eligibility for 2018 workfare next year in Jan 2019 after submitting earned income from his free lance as self-employed to IRAS.

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