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Monday, 29 October 2018

To Escape Or To Achieve???

It doesn't matters! Don't take it too seriously!

This you must understand it seriously; then it doesn't matters whether to escape or to achieve. Once you have wealth formula in your good hand; you are okay!

Read? Earned Income and Earning From Investment???


  1. 2 sides of same coin?

    Escape from work, daily grind, rat race, uncertainty, doubts, having to obey the Man etc ...

    So as to achieve independence, security, peace of mind, greater control of self, better life for family, etc ...

    Invest, trade, work, career are just tools for the above. :)

    Many also rely on Toto and 4D (or at least try to) LOL!!

  2. What about my thinking of i also want a piece of the cake during good market time just like everybody else?

    Is it for escape or achieve?

    U can argue that for escape because i was just a low wage earner.

    But i really never think anything like that because i don't even have a plan or target for investing or financial matters.


    Not until today.

    i just want do it lol.

    In fact if i have a plan or target to achieve,(aka most educated people have) most probably it will scare the shit of me in bad times and i will not be able to shake legs now.

    Maybe i don't have one because i am not educated enough lol.

    But it so happens to be a good thing for me.


    1. Good time is harder to find a piece of good cake.

    2. "During Good times finding a piece of cake" is used here more as figure of speech. Sorry!

      Of course, veterans in the market know when is the best time to find beef cakes.

      In fact, at that time our capital is used up in no time easily and still a lot of beef cakes so tempting to buy.

  3. Wealth = Assets + CashFlow ???

    How about including Health? lol

    1. Yeap. Health is sustaining our financial health or depleting it.

  4. i say health is the most important above all else.

    And what or which types of health a person has is number one above all?

    We always say the 3Ms we must have in order to succeed in the stock market.

    Which M is a must-have before the other 2?

    Look no futher for real life, real person, the late Genius Steven Hawkings.

    His body can waste away, but did he lose his mind?

    So never, never lose your marbles up there if U can help it, no matter what happens to your body.

    So back to stock investment, which M is a must-have if not even U have the other 2 Ms (which is unlikely without the 1st M), i think U won't have a good time in the stock market.

  5. In fact, i read somewhere, Steven Hawkings still could make fun of people he disliked even though in his very poor state of physical health.

    That is the power of the brain-mental health!


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