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Friday, 5 October 2018

The Purpose Of FIRE or FIRe

Why do we need to think so hard to justify FIRE or FIRe?

The purpose of FIRE or FIRe is to take back full control of our time from our ex-employers/jobs to re-allocate our time according to our own purposes. 

Our own purposes may be or may NOT be meaningful to others. Why bother or care?

At your Own time. Own target. 

Fire or don't fire! 

It is up to you! 

That is the beauty of FIRE or FIRe! 

Can you appreciate it?


  1. That sounds more agreeable.

    Never think anything about Fire or retirement.

    Just think must live within my means.

    If possible below my means.

    It is just like taking care of the downside of a stock and the upside will take care of itself in time to come.

    Aka buy with the safety margin in mind and time in the market will be kinder to U.


    But that's Simple Simon says!

  2. In fact, when I first told my wife we will be O.K. in our retirement, she kind of asking me in doubt, "Are U sure?"

    But i have been using M. Money to track my assets.

    Is M. Money software O. K.?

    Though it has been a extinct software for sometime already.

    I have to use this software as Excel is not easy to learn for me.

  3. Also I never need to use excel during my work.

    So the human in me naturally like electricity always take the less resistance route to learn to track my money.

    i can tell U i knew nothing about P C, how to use it until i was forced to learn it in my work.

    Imagine a technician was forced to learn new technology.

    But it is true until today.

    The same with Doctors.

    Always have to keep up with new things.

    Now, I can assemble my own PC and etc......

    Which means Sim Like Sq. guys cannot smoke me.

    To me, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention".

  4. I don't know about you but I'm tiring of the FIRE craze. It's all fun and game until the next crash. Let's see how many are talking about FIRE when the shit hits the fan.

    1. The strength of fuel to support FIRE or FIRe is never the same for each of them and better be sustainable across market and economic cycles.


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