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Saturday, 27 October 2018


Quarterly Panadol at $0.075 cents to ease heartache. 

It is about 4% yield if you have headache over some other yield instrument.


  1. i think i sold SGX at about $8 and my cost was about $5 to $6, a few years ago.

    Don't bother to check my records.

    Will buy again at about $6.

    My son doesn't like to sell.

    He just wants the dividends.

    Will new Tech like blockchain or what disrupt SGX businesses?

    Nothing is a sure bet in stock investing.

  2. Many times, i know the Market in general is trending down, and SGX or other blue chips will not be spared.

    But i just can't bring myself to believe i can make money using CFD in the long run.

    In the short run, maybe!?

    Because i think most of the time, the brokerage houses hold all the advantage cards.

    Which may not be so transparent to us.

    1. Why CFD?

      Need to leverage for more dividend income?

    2. Sorry for giving the wrong idea because i never believe in losing money before making any in the stock market.

      What i mean how to shot the market in a non -leverage way?

      Can someone tell me?

      Leverage in running a business is necessary most of the time but not for me in the stock market.

      So how to shot the market without leverage?

    3. temperament,

      Please don't tell others you worked in a bucket shop before... (I suspect you worked 1 day and got fired)

      How to short without leverage:

      1) Securities Borrowing and Lending - SBL. Borrow from broker and short.

      2) CFD - Put $50K into CFD account but use $45K to short. Where got leverage?

      3) Short the shares you currently owned - no need CFD or borrow from SBL. Just sell and buy back at lower price ;)

      Ignorance still got help.

      Saying the emperor got wear clothes... You ownself help ownself!

    4. No 1 SBL is not FOC.

      No 2 i have to verify?

      No 3 is not applicable as i am looking at the shares i don't own.

      i will look into no 2 more to see i can thank you or not?

    5. Where got CFD in those HK'S Bucket Shop time in Singapore?

    6. No 3 is a crazy if not stupid idea recommended by U.

      But i said i had tried it even before U recommended.

      And boy it was really a crazy idea.

      i am quite sure please don't recommend anything if U have not done it.

      And i bet U have not done it.


      i had done it and i know it to be a stupid idea if not crazy.

      That's why U now remind me your behavour is a bit like Trump.

      Remember i said U can be a good friend but a dangerous enemy.

      Win at all cost!

    7. When U don't own the shares i mean.

    8. Also selling the shares U owned and buy back later at lower price is not short selling.

      It can be dangerous misreading the market.

      Short selling is short selling.

      There is no other way to describe it.

      We have to call a spade, a spade and not to delusion our self just because we can call it differently because we don't like to use leverage in trading.

    9. True. We like to bluff ourselves when come to market with so many "proven" methods as shown by many and yet when come to ourselves in the market we lose money.

      Why like that?


    10. Ha! Ha!

      Especially shown by Gurus who charge U thousands of dollars attending their courses by "invitations" only (aka have checked U lah).

      i think everyone knows why.



      “If to do were as easy as to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches, and poor men’s cottages princes’ palaces.

    11. temperament,

      See how much progress you have made in a day?

      From: I don't know and can anyone show me how to short without leverage?

      To: I go double-check about CFD (you making a comment about CFD when you have not once tried it?)

      To: I now have all the answers! Thank you very much!


      In case you were wondering what has transpired? That's the power of coaching!

      Agree not agree does not matter. Makes sense not make sense not important too.

      I can feel the PASSION and STRONG EMOTIONS in your every word! Now that's coming from deep WITHIN temperament ;)

      Imagine if you had shared with us your bad expperiences or personal discomfort with shorting from the very beginning. Even if there's a legitimate way to short without leverage, you wouldn't do it.

      See the difference?

      It was never about leverage or CFD or brokerage having all the cards ;)

    12. "Even if there's a legitimate way to short without leverage, you wouldn't do it".


      U don't really know what i am thinking, since day one of my trading.

      I just only willing to pay the transaction fees for a "long trade"

      Any other trades that have so many other fees hidden or transparent is no go for me.

      Just 0.25 cents time 30 years of tradings is a lot of fees.

    13. We don't have to worry over fighting with one arm or both arm. One arm swordsman is very powerful too.

      One arm pull up and one arm push up is very powerful.

    14. temperament,

      Superb! Just say what you really feel and think! Its OK one. Really!

      All mutual funds can long only like you too. The same goes for ETFs (unless its a short ETF).

      For active long only fund managers, if they are bearish, they would get into higher percentage of cash. That's the only way they can mitigate the "loses" in a bear market. Relative performance remember?

      If STI drops -20% and their funds "only" sank -8%, its outperformance for the win!

      Can ETF managers get into higher cash? Outperformance on the way up may not translate to on the way down... Let's see whether active mutual funds will beat passive ETFs in the next bear market. It would be interesting!

      One arm swordsman is indeed powerful! Totally agree with Cw :)

      Provided we don't fall asleep on the wheel like in 2008...

      Notice how much cash CW is holding now?


    15. CW,

      Excellent way of saying it.

      i remember the show "One Arm Swordman"- Wang Yu

      And i practise his art for 30 years already.

      One trick pony someone will say.

      Maybe with J's eyes too.


  3. Agreed with smol "short" your shares you owned in Round X to X X until you get KO. No margin calls. Only take Panadols when it goes wrong!

    1. CW,

      If we are giving a workshop on how to Trust and Verify, we can use this tread as case study ;)


      Say don't know now say have done it before... Hee, hee.

      Not FOC?

      Show me how you long stocks then?

      Cyberspace full of dragons and snakes.

      Slippery ones are not dragons ;)

    2. Sorry for No 3 i did not specify only looking at shares i did not owned how to shot without leverage?

      And buying first and selling in a market is not really "shot sell", is it?

    3. Also CFD is definitely a leverage product, that's why no go for me in the past and now and in future.

      Hello! try to pull a fast one indeed.

      So slippery.

  4. Actually i had done what U said (aka No 3) before but i had the crazy idea of doing it during a falling knife market.

    But i find i did not do better then B&H&S (aka in longer time frame) the same stock in a falling knife market.

    Have U all tried it?

  5. This was when NOL dropped to less then 70cent and much lower.

    i "shot" NOL and i lost as i have say above

    i think it was SEP 11 2011?

  6. Trump loved celebrating the stock market surge in 2017, but he's been quiet about this year's declines


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