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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

For how long can we control our mind? Don't need to talk about investment! (2)

Read? For how long can we control our mind? Don't need to talk about investment!

Read? Retiring in overseas at much lower retirement costs??? (2)

How does FI or FIRE investment bloggers think about this?

What is their plan on it?

Still financial savvy to manage passive income?

Have we started to think that what if I can't think on my own?

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  1. CW,

    This is the time when the rubber hits the road :(

    When we discover who will stick with us till the end...

    Or just pack us off to some attas 5 stars nursing home...

    Hey! Anything that money can resolve, its not a problem right?

    Isn't that's why we have X amounts in Y years goals? To achieve financial "success"?

    Money can solve everything :(

  2. Govt is well aware of this with more & more elderly singles, those without children (or children working overseas) & simply those with weak family ties. Which is more & more the case due to shrinking family sizes, breakdown of extended families (how willing people are to help relatives/in-laws etc), and high costs of living (sandwiched generations etc).

    Since 2016 the Mental Capacity Act has been amended to help better protect the financials of those with cognitive decline .... allowing use of "professional" deputies & donees to manage financial decisions .... more oversight by courts & Office of Public Guardian.

    Now even got course to teach people like lawyers, doctors, accountants to become professional deputies & donees. Additional revenue stream for them?!? But these type of people are probably geared towards those elderly with substantial portfolios, else the "reasonable" annual fees (say 1%) won't be attractive for these pros!

    So far the most practical scheme is the Community Kin Service where elderly with cognitive decline work with VWOs & the courts (court order) & OPG to manage the finances, together with the healthcare & daily living needs. I only know Touch Community Service and AMKFSC Community Services provide this. But I suspect govt will push this model more aggressively over the next 1-2 decades.

    The VWOs (or other administrators) need to provide annual reports of the individuals to OPG. But there is always potential for abuse e.g. ownself pay ownself as the administrators can bill themselves (or their subsidiaries) for various "services & products". OPG has to maintain close oversight to ensure spending is necessary & reasonable.

  3. Which is more frightening.

    TD or D?

    Mahatir is a very exceptional case.

    He just given a speech at UN.

    Fantastic for keeping his mental until 92.

    Not only that he still wanted to be PM.

    Don't forget he had 2 heart surgeries, IIRC.

    i wonder is he worrying about D too?

    1. Dr M after crossing the River still carrying the Sampan and then put back the Sampan and continue rowing.

      See who is laughing? Good reason to carry Sampan. Don't poke okay! SM Goh said he will threw away Sampan and will not do Dr M.

    2. CW,


      Now everyone confirms know what button to press!


  4. None is up to me or us.

    Let it be.

    Unless U want to take the shortest route to H!

  5. Some will definitely say the grape is sour and we know why.

    Mahartir will laugh until even false teeth(aka whose) will drop loh.


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