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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Earn More, Save More And Invest Well???

Where should we honestly and diligently focus before reaching FI, FIRE or FIRe?

If more investment bloggers in Sinagpore are upfront and more transparent to show the their ratio of their earned income, saving vs net investment gains up to date.

It is quite clear where should we focus once we see that picture?

Invest/trade to achieve or escape?

Earn more to achieve or escape?

Some time; Uncle8888 feels that too many investment bloggers in Singapore have over rated on the investing and not on the earning part. Earn more then only we can work on the saving part to invest well.

In long-term investing, your ACCOUNT SIZE really MATTERS - CW8888

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  1. CW,

    Primary school math.

    A graduate who earns $3K per month versus another graduate who earns $5K.

    The $5K graduate has $2K "extra" every month to blow on wine, women and song; or use it to add to his opportunity fund ;)

    His life; his choice!

    For the $3K graduate, how to save $2K every month just to keep up? No need give parents? No girlfriend? No hobbies? Eveyday eat bread or instant noodles?

    Use minimalism as euphemism for austere lifestyle? Or tell people you follow the path of St Francis of Assisi?

    No need more transparency. It is "understooded"

    Everyone knows it. We just pretend the Emperor is wearing clothes ;)

    Just like we all know we can't voluntary contribute to CPF on a $3K salary and hope in 30 years' time we'll be "rich"!

    For those few who can't "see" it, what's the point of more transparency? When use crayons and draw cartoons still can't comprehend?

  2. That's why the vast majority of financial bloggers are earning above-median incomes ;)

    The FIRE movement in the US is spearheaded by those with 6-figure annual salaries. Yes, even Mr Money Mustache who used to earn over $100K p.a. in the 1990s & 2000s as a software engineer.

    Salary not big enough, how to Fire? Unless win Toto 1st prize LOL!

    Wait till the next recession & we'll see how many bloggers still blogging ... or keep head down and focus on keeping their jobs! :)

    Even with just minor hiccups in the current markets, I'm finding the chatter among local financial bloggers have quietened down. LOL!

    1. Spur,

      Except old fogeys who are too free nothing to do so continue to talk "male-chicken" rain or shine!

      NATO - No action; talk only mah!

    2. Hi Spur,

      Give chance leh. I busy splitting my time between studying, finalizing my watchlist, and playing games. That's why no time to blog! LOL

      I think my WhatsApp chat blogger friends think I am too noisy. =X

      That's why emergency fund and war chest have to be prepared way ahead of a market crash. ;)

  3. Old fogeys who are still around blogging have earned their rights during going up mountain, hunting.

    Now they are enjoying the scenery going downhill slow and steady.

    Waiting to hunt easier preys.

  4. That's one of the reasons i used Virtual Banking of $1,000,000.00 as a starting investment capital.

    i can see my P&L in Absolute Numbers.

    i cheated the software i use lol.

    No need to worry about fresh capital injections affecting the portfolio value.

    1. Now finally I understand what Temperament is doing for performance measurement. He understands the Maths for calculating CAGR without using MS Excel XIRR function. Thumb up!

  5. Paiseh!

    Understand is one thing, like it is another!


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