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Monday, 1 October 2018

Common Sight In Singapore. Better Avoid Doing This In JB

Yesterday; one ex- colleague at wedding lunch said that his mobile phone at back pocket was pick-pocketed at JB City Square Mall without knowing when it happened. 

He last remembered leaving the restaurant after lunch and took his mobile phone on the table to his back pocket and walked out.

He still in self-denial and said KSL Mall may be safer! Don't go to City Square anymore. Walau!


  1. KSL safer?

    Singaporeans who seldom travel will assume all other countries more or less the same in law and order enforcement!

    Especially not RTSSM "sheltered" ladies.

  2. If U show awareness and alertness and prevention is better than cure demeanour, petty thief and street pickpocketer will avoid U by a mile..

    For there are always easier sheeps to hustle.

    Besides which petty pickpocketer wants to get himself caught because the intended victim is prepared.

    In short pretend to be "street smart" even though U are actually a sheltered toitoise in Singapore.



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