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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Bucket List or FI/FIRE/FIRe

Read? What happened to your Bucket List?

Fulfilling or striking off a long list of Bucket List needs lots of money to achieve it. Right?

FI, FIRE or FIRe is NOT the same!

Not all of us will need tons of money to achieve FI, FIRE or FIRe.

Achieving FI, FIRE or FIRe is more practical than striking every item in your long list of Bucket List!

Why Bucket List is out of fashion?

We retire smarter!



  1. CW,

    Or maybe our monkey see monkey do "bucket lists" are filled with materialistic stuffs or experiences to impress others?

    And contain very few items about our social, self-esteem, or self actualisation needs? You know, stuffs that nobody cares but us and us alone?

    Very interesting.

    Everything is about money; yet its also about lowering the minimum requirements for money accumulation...

    I sense some cognitive dissonance somewhere ;)

  2. What's that.

    Simple Simon never think of that.

    Simple Simon says put right hand in the pocket.....


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