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Sunday, 14 October 2018

A three-way test for your portfolio??? (2)

Read? A three-way test for your portfolio???

Read?  ‘Studying hard’ not a sure-win to investment success

4. Practise diversification (having a portfolio made up solely of Singapore stocks is not proper diversification) and don't keep actively trading around.

Every time when Uncle8888 reads something like this :

Diversify, diversify, diversify . 

Don't be Panda or Koala in the stock market; you will be become extinct very soon!

Chun bo; after more than 17 years with only Singapore socks in SGX; Uncle8888 still haven't become extinct!

It is never about the Method! There is no such thing as the right Method for anyone. It is about your own outcome. You choose your own Poison and let your own experience and outcome determine your own right Method!

Method is over-rated!


  1. SGX companies also have diversification within their own portfolios so I think it's fine.

  2. Kekeke!!

    Mind is most important, followed by money mgmt.

    Method is least important ;)

    1. :-)

      Trainer can sell Method through courses; but for Mind part needs psychologists to conduct courses.

    2. This beg the question Nature vs Nurture.

      For me Nature always wins hands-on in the long run.

  3. CW,


    What did my little fart wind blew over?

    Anyone who knows something about natural science would be so impressed with your argument!

    Yup, just because the pandas and koala bears are still around - despite being in and out of the endangered species list - everything is fine! Don't worry!

    Simply genius!

    You win liao :)

    P.S. I don't know about you, I sleep better knowing GIC and Temasek have not hired pandas and koala bears to invest our reserves ONLY in Singapore equities and Singapore bonds ;)


  4. At my age, i realise the most important thing in life is one's "mental health", try your best to never lose it no matter what!

    No matter under what circumstances.

    No matter what the World think of U.

    No matter, all the matters of this World.

  5. Many young and successful people look gorgeous and grant outwardly as reported in the news but many are suffering depressions

    Many celebrities are.

  6. And internet statistics claim the number one cause of death is DEPRESSION!

    T or F?

    Remember, very rich people can take their own lives too.

    So the 3 Ms in investing or anything in life, which M is the most important?

    Without blessed with this 1st M, I doubt One can do anything much with the other 2?


    1. F lah!

      But among 15 to 29 age group, it is the 2nd highest cause of death due to depression in the World?

    2. FYI,

      At times, I tend to want to be DOCTOR QUAKE.

      Just want to know something the doctors know.

      To keep myself sane and healthy.

      Alas for many of us to know is different from to do.

      I think Shakespeare said it best.

      So it is the same for how we behave in the stock market.

      U know U should BLSH but what most of us would do?

      BHSH then market crashes sell Everything in panic?


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