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Sunday, 12 July 2015

What If I Don't Invest When I Retire and Also Not Willing To Work Part-time?

One office auntie in her late 50s told Uncle8888 that she and her husband have abstained from the stock market after AFC. They have lost too much and chopped fingers liao! Whatever remaining in their portfolio let them rot and don't bother them anymore.

Now, what will happen when Uncle8888 doesn't invest due to his conservative mind and thinking that the stock market is too volatile  and losing retirement fund is too risky and too scary.

BTW, Uncle8888 sent her the "Sustainable Retirement Income For Life" MS Excel worksheet for her to think about it and determine whether her saving is sustainable for life?

(1) Don't Invest

ABSOLUTELY this will happen to him ..

He will be on his way down to his ZERO as future decades of inflation will slowly slowly deplete his wealth. 

100% to ZERO!!! It is just matter of Time.

Real Person. Real Story!

(2) Take the emotional roller coaster ride over market cycles of Bull and Bear.

Remember this ...

Stock price volatility is NOT permanent losses YET. A portfolio of stocks is definitely volatile but NOT ZERO cash flow.

(3) Understand Wealth Formula and build your own sustainable cash flow.

Wealth = Asset Value + Cash Flow

Asset Value will be volatility and should not be your immediate concern. You should be focusing your concerns more on your Cash Flow and how to make it sustainable over future economic and market cycles.


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  1. Are you REALLY ready for retirement?

    Have you simulate for sustainable retirement income for life?

    Okay. May be just do it fun!

  2. Hi Uncle CW,

    So what did you advise your office auntie friend? They should be too fearful of stocks now to invest or ride the roller coaster.

    1. Sent her the "Sustainable Retirement Income For Life" MS Excel worksheet for her to think about it and determine whether her saving is sustainable for life?

      Let wait and see whether she comes back. :-)


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