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Friday, 3 July 2015

How Much Is Enough To Be Safe For Sustainable Retirement Income For Life???

Read? Singapore’s four solutions for water scarcity

Learn from Singapore's four solutions for water scarcity!

In our retirement, our money is no different from water scarcity. In Chinese, water is money and money is water.

Know The Three Risks? Your Personal Finance and Investment - Three Risks That Are Seldom Actively Discussed by Personal Finance and Investment Bloggers

Now, you may have better ideas how to be safe and still have enough?

How fat is fat?

How thin is thin?

Who knows?

So don't go around asking. Nobody will know the standard level of being fat or thin!


Hmmm ...

SMOL standing besides CW8888

Now, you may know when you look at two different angles. You will have two different answers!

Both answers are correct!




  1. For retirees, no matters how. You have to avoid selling your assets during market low. You have to find this reserve tap somehow and keep it closed and keep it safe!

  2. And yes.

    I'm the younger and more handsome one :)

    I'm also the one with no hair and a big beer stomach :(

    Life has a way of balancing things out.

    Well, just in case some sugar mummies are trying to tell us apart mah!

    No harm in getting another source of water right?

    Just give me sugar and I'll call you "姐姐"!

  3. Me thinks the reserve tap is your CPF SA/RA which get auto lock by gahment

    1. CPF SA: Any time after 55, u scare. u can withdraw all

      CPF RA is CPF Life from 65 onwards. Live longer to receive more.

    2. My Tap 2 = $XX,XXX (Emergency cash rotting in Saving account) + CPF SA, CPF RA and CPF MA and supported by MediShield Life. More from 65 onwards.


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