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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

40 years or more in your working life.

"Most of you will have 40 years or more in your working life. Unless, of course you plan to retire very early in your 40s, when you should ordinarily speaking still be peaking. It would be wasteful if you choose to stop work prematurely, since so much human capital has been invested in you. And believe me, you will be bored to death if you let up too early in life." - Liew Mun Leong


Don't wait till 40 years to find out the outcome of our human asset. At that time, it is too late!

Human Asset is like this. You don't keep moving up after some years; you are likely to be condemned. That is why our Financial Assets must complement our Human Asset and finally must overtake our Human Asset so that we can put our condemned Human Asset to the junk yard without regrets.

Honestly. You are closer to listen to LML or Uncle8888?


  1. Of course Uncle8888 win in this instance. haha.

  2. "Most of you will have 40 years or more in your working life" - LML

    He must be kidding.

    No wonder now people took mortgage loan and pay till age 70. Work until die... not efficient at all.

    1. Sad truth. Work longer not because we like it longer. Not like that. :-(

    2. Wise words from the Top but reality on the Way up for most of us is hor!

  3. LML said "Most of you....", so I would like to believe that I belong to the minority group, that will retire before working 40 years.

    There after, life will be :" a bit of blogging, investing, sightseeing, plus: 喝喝茶,看看书,写写字,听听音乐,下下棋,聊聊天。" It will never be bored.

    1. Most financial and investment likely to belong to the minority group, that will retire before working 40 years.


  4. Hi CW,

    I think the definition of "working" must be clear!

    To me, working not necessary means going to office 8-5!

    Frankly I will prefer not to work full time for 40 years but I love to work for 40 or more yrs on eventually something I love. Frankly I have not yet reach the age of deciding whether it will be bored or not if not working, neither of many financial bloggers here.

    So I prefer not to have a conclusion so early until I reach there, been there and recall back. Guess it is more wise this way, as our thinking do change over time.

    What most think or thought it will be now may not be what they really think when they r older. u r definitely in a better position to judge here,


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